5 best Italian Briefcases

When impressions mean everything in your line of work then you need one of the 5 best Italian briefcases. These Italian brief cases are made with top quality leather that can have a very supple feel to it. If you want the best briefcase then you need one of these Italian briefcases. A quality Italian briefcase will not only look luxurious but will also be able to be used on a daily basis. Italian briefcases can last for many years of hard use. If you want a great looking Italian briefcase that also can be used in a wide variety of settings including the office then take a look at these briefcases.

  1. Chiarugi Chieti. The Chiarugi Chieti uses vegetable tanned leather and is available in a wide range of colors including cognac, dark brown, and red.
  2. Montalcino Briefcase. The Montalcino briefcase is expensive but is the best of the best when it comes to Italian briefcases. The Montalcino is a soft sided briefcase and is available in brown or black.
  3. Embossed Crocco Italian Leather Laptop Briefcase. This briefcase is one of the best 5 Italian briefcases. It is the best looking Italian briefcase that is sold and is not only great looking but also very useful as it has a lot of pockets.
  4. Stress Buster Leather Briefcase. The Stress Buster leather briefcase uses textured leather that is available in 6 colors including mustard and embossed crocadile.
  5. Varese. The Varese is one of the 5 best Italian briefcases. It is not cheap but is still very affordable. This top of the line briefcase uses a classic styling that appears semi-vintage yet is totally modern.

Italian brief cases are important to many people and if an Italian briefcase is important to you then you should choose one of the 5 best Italian briefcases. Italian brief cases come in many different styles but the one attribute they all have is quality.