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Sequoias are the tallest trees in existence

The greatest things about being a tall person

Written by a tall person

I'm tall, generally speaking.  

It's not my fault, I blame the gene pool (specifically my grandpa). Over the years the average height for white adult males has hovered around 5'9" to 5'11". Being 6'4", I exceed the average by about six inches. I didn't do anything, I just ended up being tall. Anyway, for those of you out there who have the fortune to be above average when it comes to height, I'm talking to you because it can be noted that we have some considerable advantages over people of lesser stature. Here is a list of 5 things which make being tall so awesome:

1. People look up to you

I know it sounds obvious and possibly even laughable that shorter people look up to you physically, but it can also be true that people look up to you in areas such as leadership and trustworthiness. Tall people can often be seen as being more assertive or capable leaders just because of their height and the way they carry themselves. Of course, even if you're tall, if you act small people will think of you as small. I know from experience that a little confidence, legitimate or fake, can go a long way when it comes to being noticed in a crowd; and being tall, you already have an advantage once it comes to being seen. Everyone hates to let a good first impression go to waste and so it is good to practice habits which will help you to rise to the occasion just as you rise above the crowd.

2. You can reach stuff

On a lighter more readily practical note I give you the advantage of reaching. typically a person's arm span is just as long as they are tall so we clearly have the upper hand here, too. From reaching the top shelf to being able to grab things in generally out of the way places, this can be useful in almost any setting in any situation such as: Sports of any kind, construction, housework, balancing large amounts of weight, etc.. It can also be a pretty decent attention grabber. However, no one likes a constant show off so so use your height to everyones advantage and be as helpful as you can.

3. Extra leg length makes for bigger strides

To go with our long arms we also have long legs making it hard to find pants that fit but also making it easy to go twice the distance in just a single step. It can be a tremendous time saver. Often I accidentally pull ahead of a group without meaning to when I'm walking just as fast as they are, which can be considered rude depending on the circumstances. So just because you can walk faster doesn't always mean that you should so keep you lengthy gait under control unless the people you're walking with are little powerhouses of energy. It can also be used to comical effect such as in Monty Python's Ministry of Silly walks.

4. You can see stuff

Being a head taller than everyone gives you an advantage when it comes to spying out people when in a crowd or in trying to find practically anything in higher than normal locations . This is a no-brainer and shouldn't take you long to realize why this is so helpful. It is also easy for your friends to find you or introduce you at a distance since you stand out like a lighthouse in a fog. Unless, of course, you don't want to be found; in this case just hunker town and try your best to blend in.

5. It's a good conversation starter

If in the case you happen to not be a very social person (such as myself) you'll find that being tall can be an excellent way to meet people with little to no effort on your part. Random people often come up to me and ask me, "How tall are you?" or "What's it like being tall?", etc.. Being prepared for such encounters is invaluable. Make jokes about your height, poke fun at yourself in a good natured sort of way and just try to be fun to be around. Don't be ashamed, take it as a compliment that people think your height is worth noticing.

So there you have it: 5 great things about being tall. I didn't really think about this list scientifically, I just speak out of personal experience and I hope that you, the tall person reading this, will know that being tall is a gift. So stand tall and remember: with great height comes great responsibility (and a lot of cool perks).