Before I start, I want to say that this article is based on an e-book that I read a while ago called something like 5 bucks a day. It was a really inspiring book and I highly recommend you get yourself a copy pronto!

What is 5 bucks a day? Well, have you ever heard of breaking down your big goals into more manageable smaller goals? That's the whole idea here. Let say your big goal is to earn 100$/day or even 1000$/day or more... well take that big number you have in mind and break it down into smaller 5$/day projects. Doesn't it seem so much more possible to create something online that will generate 5$/day for you? It sure does to me... And it should to you too!

In this article, I'll discuss a couple of types of projects you could start that may end up earning you 5$/day:

1. Adsense niche sites -> adsense niche sites are a great first 5$/day project. I've found a great article that talks about this in more detail here: 4923 Words on How to Make Money with Adsense. If you follow what is suggested in that article, you could stick to creating adsense niche sites, one after the next, over and over again until you reach your ultimate big goal. I personally would recommend that you diversify your little income streams though to make sure nothing disastrous ever happens that will wipe out your whole income.

2. Writing articles for revenue sharing websites ->  reaching 5$/day on a revenue sharing website like Infobarrel is definitely possible(check out my signature for information on how to sign up). In order to diversify your efforts, grow your income to five bucks per day on one website like Infobarrel for example to start and then when that income stream is consistent, move on to the next platform like squidoo for example.


3. Selling stock photography on>a lot of people are creating significant passive income streams simply by taking photographs and selling them on It's a great opportunity for any entrepreneur to make a little extra money or a whole lot of money. I wrote a whole article about stock photography but in summary, I read in a book about one college student who didn't make any excuses and just took action on this and created a 6 figure income for himself through stock photography. He simply took pictures of things around his neighborhood in between classes and sold them online and made a small fortune! The book that briefly mentioned this story is Six Figure Second Income which is a great book to read. That book mostly talks about creating information products for profit. In other words, creating reports, ebooks, video series, audio series, etc... and selling them online. That leads me to strategy number 4:

4. Fast information product creation->When done right, you can create a short and high-quality information product in one weekend and set up a website that sells it and promote the heck out of it all within a week and start seeing some income with this. Automate the process and you get another easy 5$/day revenue stream. All you have to do next is rinse and repeat.

Thanks for reading!

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