Entrepreneurs come up with various crazy ideas for new businesses all of the time. When an entrepreneur tells their business partner, spouse or friend about their latest, crazy idea for a business, they are often met with a reply of "that will never work!" Some entrepreneurs develop their idea and in the spirit of free enterprise, their idea either tanks or they make millions of dollars.

The internet is no different. When you have to compete with billions of other websites and with a low cost of entry into the market, your idea sometimes has to be extra crazy to get noticed in the crowd. Here are five successful internet businesses that started out with just a single crazy idea.

1. milliondollarhomepage.com - The million dollar home page was a simple idea. The creator of the idea Alex Tew, put up a website and sold 1 pixel of advertising for just $1. The site had a total of 1,000,000 pixels up for sale, and in almost no time at all, they reached their goal. The site attracted enormous media attention around the world, further ensuring that their advertisers got plenty of attention and clicks to their website. Although many people tried to copy the idea, they were all unsuccessful in their attempt.

2. ashleymadison.com - Ashleymadison.com is a dating website with a difference, it only accepts married people, or someone wanting to date a married person. The site's slogan is "Life is short. Have an affair". The site's found is a former attorney Noel Biderman, who is interestingly a happily married man.

3. ifartmobile.com was created by Google Adsense guru, Joel Comm. It's basically an iPhone application that emits different farting sounds. The application has made around $300,000. It seems like iPhone farting aI fart iphone applicationpplications are hot business, because there is at least another application titled "Pull my finger" which is suing the ifartmobile for "unfair business practices".

4. Poopy gifts - Poopy gifts was a popular chat member on webmasterradio. He basically sent dog poop to someone's enemy as a prank, for a fee. I don't think he became a millionaire with the idea, but he made a few bucks. After receiving a complaint, I believe he gave up on the idea, because of the legality sending something which could be considered a "biohazard in the mail.

5. lasermonks.com - What do monks and lasers have in common I hear you ask? A monk who is part of the Cistercian Order, noticed the high costs of printer replacement cartridges. He decided if he could make his own replacements he would help businesses and schools save money and create some income for his monastry.

"Among my duties as Steward of Temporal Affairs are developing and managing ways to support our life and charities.Contrary to popular understanding, monasteries are self-supporting. A part of our day is given to some sort of remunerative work, from which we support our modest living needs in the monastery, and then use the rest for charitable work, the founder of lasermonks.com says on his website.

Well if monks, dog poop and farting noises can make money on the internet, I think any crazy idea has the potential to make someone a millionaire. Just remember to send me my royalty check if this article gives you any ideas.