Quality content

creating posts

Creating blog posts is an easy way of getting traffic to your website or blog provided that what you offer is done in a way that people enjoy reading. Posting to websites or blogs is not an exact art but it does need you to create quality content. In that vein here are 5 mistakes commonly committed by many authors when posting on websites or blogs that will have a poor negative on their readers and traffic.

Infrequent or rare Updates

There is much debate about how often you should update your site. One thing that isn't in dispute is the negative effect posting infrequently on websites or blogs can have on traffic. Keep in mind, if readers come back to your website they want to learn more about your topics. No new content will disappoint your readers. Readers will look elsewhere for new information.

Stay on Target

When you create content for your website or blog make sure it remains relevant to the your site. If your blog is about pets and you post about car racing your readers will wonder where your focus may lie. Readers of a pet blog want to read about pets not car racing! Readers will go elsewhere if your posts are not on target. Stay on theme to build reader loyalty.

Trying to hit a home run

Creating too many posts tends to overwhelm readers much like information overload. Your focus should be on creating quality content and updating regularly.  Too many posts can dilute the quality of your content. Though many updates each day are one way of getting traffic to your website, the lower quality content will turn readers off.

It's not about you

As an author it is important to remember that you create content that is interesting to your readers. If you must, create a 'about you' page with a short bio about yourself. If all your posts are about you then readers will look elsewhere for information.  
Terrible or off topic title

Even though the process involved when you create content for any post may involve time and effort, don't overlook the title. Many authors think the of title as an afterthought and don't place much effort into its creation. This is a frequent mistake.  Readers will look at the title to figure out if they want to spend time reading your post. If the title is terrible no one will read it! Think about it, what is the first thing you see when an article comes up on your screen?  A good title will draw the reader in and good content will keep the reader coming back for more.

Creating quality blog posts is what it takes to get traffic to your website or blog. Keep in mind when and how much you create content for great results. As I said above creating content on websites for blogs isn't so much a skill as it is applying some common sense and these rules. Frequently authors make small errors with the updates they post. this causes readers to look elsewhere and decrease your number of readers.

These 5 tips reviewed here are some examples of such errors and are easily avoided.  Keep the reader foremost in your mind when creating quality content.