If you're a PS3 trophy hunter of any type, you might have found a number of "kiddie games" that entice you with an easy platinum.  Problem is, once someone takes a look at your list of platinums and sees "Hannah Montana," "Megamind" and "Up," your gamer credibility takes a hit.  (Full Disclosure: I have "Up" on my list.  What? I have kids.)   If that bugs you, try beefing up your Platinum count by using these titles.  Some are only available on the playstation network, and the rest you can find on Amazon.

1. Trine 2 - this is downloadable for the Playstation network and is a unique and quiet beautiful game.  Trine 2 is also fairly inventive for a side scrolling game.  Essentially, you control 3 characters: a wizard, a warrior and a thief.  Through some magic called the "Trine," only one of them can be active at once while the other two are along for the ride.  You solve puzzles and fight trolls and, every now and then, you get a level boss to get around, but none of these are super challenging.  More to the point, none of the trophies have to do with you finishing the game!  The furthest you have to go is level 7, and the toughest thing you need to do is some silly acrobatics that really don't correlate to any skill in the game.  It's a shame, really, because it's such a beautifully done game that it doesn't deserve this kind of shabby treatment when it comes to the trophies.

2. Infamous 2 - you can purchase this retail or via the Playstation network.  Infamous, like its predecessor, is a fun game, easy to pick up and play.  You control Cole McGrath, a bike messenger who is endowed with super powers by...himself.  It's complicated.  You spend most of this game grinding over power lines and climbing up and down walls and it takes a while before it gets old.  In fact, it takes so long that you probably won't be tired of it by the time the platinum unlocks.  I rented this game and platted it in two short days.  You will have to beat the game at least twice, but if you save towards the end, you won't have to play through the entire thing.  Aside from the convoluted story and unsatisfying ending(s), this is another game that is well done.  You'll enjoy it while popping off another platinum.

3.  Heavy Rain - you may need a guide for this one, but that's only to cover how to get to the specific situations required for the trophies; not because they're hard to do.  Heavy Rain is a great game, to be sure.  The storytelling is sharp and gut-wrenching at times and the choices you make definitely have a role in how the story goes and/or ends.  I would recommend that you play it through once without a thought for the trophies just to experience it.  Then go back through and play it again with an eye on make the decisions needed to get the trophies, and also to find out what could have happened if, as it was in my case, you made way better decisions.

4. Trivial Pursuit - like many trivia games or game show games Trivial Pursuit has one major flaw - limited number questions.  Keep playing it long enough and you'll start to recognize the questions pretty quickly.  And once you know the answers, you can do pretty much anything necessary for the trophies.  If you really want to cut down on the time, simply buy a sports pack or other small pack of questions and play exclusively with those.  And of course, you can cut corners by looking up the answers online.  Whatever way you do this, you'll be sure to end up with a nice blue platinum when you're done.

5.  Spare Parts - this is only available through the Playstation network store.  It's got an awful story, but it's actually a fun game.  Thing is you'll probably need a second player at times or at least a second controller.  The most difficult trophy will have you grinding for gold, but the rest is so easy you'll gladly pay penance to gain another blue orb.