The main reason most people worry and stress about Christmas is the cost, and no doubt this year will be more expensive than last due to never ending price rises and the seemingly never-ending recession.

But no need to panic to much, there are some really easy ways of making some much-needed extra cash that will take up hardly anytime at all.

Here are my top ideas.

1. EBAY:

Anything and everything sells on eBay and it is a quick and easy way to make some cash out of things you no longer need. Take some time to have a rummage through your things and see what you can live with out, things you no longer need or are no longer any use to you. The most popular items on eBay include clothes, shoes and handbags. Baby and children’s wear and even toys, especially if you have Thomas the tank engine trains and sets and other popular children’s toys such as Barbie, Peppa Pig, Ben10 and Transformers amongst many others; and of course, not forgetting branded goods such as hair straighteners, jewellery and perfume, But don’t restrict yourself by thinking people will not want to buy your half used make up…they will! Anything that can be used will be sold on eBay.

Clean up the items for sale and take some decent pictures, it takes a matter of a few minutes to set up an amount, just go to their website and click on create account to get started.

A good tip for a successful sale is to describe your item as best as you can, if it has a fault or blemish say so. State whether it has been used and how often, if it requires batteries or any other power supply, add any details you feel relevant to describe your item in the best way possible. If you can, only use one photo, as the first one is always free, but there is a charge for any additional photos you use; also, always start your bid, where possible, at 99p or wait for free insertion dates that way you will not have to pay a penny for listing your item.

2. Car boot Sales / Fates / Markets / Jumble Sales


Most people think car boot sales, fates and jumble sales are only active during the summer months, so you might be surprised to know that some last all year-long and many well up until October/November time at the least. School fates run regularly, so keep up to date with your children’s schools news letters so you don’t miss out. If you do not have children of your own ask a relative or neighbour with Children when their school will be holding a fate. Many fates and school playground sales often take place during times of holidays, such as harvest festivals, Halloween, Half term and Christmas.

This is a great way to clear out your home ready for Christmas and make money from it too, and by holding your sale at a school you are also promoting funds for the school as many may charge a small entry fee from which the proceeds may go to new school resources.

Again, pretty much anything sells at a car boot just be prepared to let things go for a cheap price. Items price range from 10p to a few pounds max, but it is still possible to make £100 here and there depending on what you are selling and who is buying. Don’t be afraid to haggle a little, if you’re not sure what an item is too be sold for or if someone is trying to buy it well below your asking price , try to meet somewhere in the middle. Always make sure your items are clean and if necessary, in good working order, this gives people a chance to test out the item and be more willing to pay the best price. Check out the carboot junction website for listings of your local car boot sales.

3. DVD’s Games and cd’s

Have a look through your entertainment collections and sort out some items to sell. There are many good websites out there that will buy these off you for a great price. Such as music magpie. Enter the bar codes from your items and you will be shown a price for that item, it could be anything from 10p to £10. Confirm you want to sell these items and you will be posted postage labels to send them, then sit back and wait for your money to be sent to you, easy.

Games stores, Such as Game station and GAME and now even Argos, will give you the best prices on your console games (and consoles for that matter) Just take them into the store and ask for a trade-in price. You can either have this as in-store credit or cash, You usually get more for in-store credit so it would be good to used against a new console or game for a Christmas present.

Also try amazon website if you have any old books you want to sell.

4. Mobile Phones.

People are making hundreds of pounds selling their old or unwanted mobiles, mazuma mobile and cash 4 Phones are two of the best websites to use. Enter the make and model of your mobile to be given a price for what it is worth. Obviously you will get more money the newer and more popular the phone is, but you Could easily still make a tidy £10 or £20 for an older phone. Also most mobile phone shops and cash generator stores will give you a good price for your old phones, You may either get cash or an in-store credit receipt to use in store.

5. If you have time on your hands:

Why not have a go at selling AVON or working for other companies such as PARK? If you have the time this is a great way to earn extra money and maybe even make a living out of it to, check out their websites and see what you think.