Long eyelashes are in most womens wish list. Using commercial make up products can not only create a temporary long lash effect but it is harsh so the long term effects can be damaging for your lashes.But there is something you can do!

If you want to promote long lashes there are five easy ways that you can do this:

Eat healthily

I know you've probably heard it all before but your diet can really have an impact on your lash growth. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and consume foods that are rich in vitamin C, B and E as these can increase encourage hair to grow. Include plenty of protein in your diet. If you cant get these vitamins from your diet, take supplements or buy hair growth vitamins that specifically contain vitamins and minerals for this purpose.

Change your makeup habits

Drastic I know but using too much mascara can cause your lashes to get weak and brittle. Wearing less mascara can reduce the damage and help promote long lashes. Waterproof mascara is especially hard to clean off in comparison to regular mascara so switching from waterproof to regular can also help. When washing off mascara avoid rubbing your lashes, instead wet your lashes then keep dabbing them with a wipe until all of the mascara is off.

Stop wearing eyelash extensions 

These can cause some of your lashes to fall out when you take off the extensions. A good alternative is to buy eyelash growth products. These are serums that you apply to your eyelashes once a day, over time the chemical ingredients will cause your lashes to grow longer and faster.

Apply Castor oil onto your lashes at night

This will help keep them moisturized so they are less likely to get brittle and break off in places. Petroleum jelly is not a good alternative as it contains mineral oil which can be damaging to hair.

However you decide to help promote long lashes, remember that not every method will work for everyone. Find what works best for you and what you are most comfortable with and stick with it. If you do decide to buy an eyelash growth product carry out a bit of research to make sure the product has been tested to be safe in clinical trials or in a laboratory environment. Good luck with your eyelash growth journey.