As the price of gas is getting too high you may be considering an alternative to your current mode of transportation. If you’re planning a new car, eco-driving could be for you. In fact, it can help you generate annual fuel savings of $ 420 and reduce CO2 emissions by 975 kg. Here are some easy tips that can generate fuel savings of 10% to 20%.

1) Planning travels:

Reduce your mileage by planning your trips and diversifying your modes.

2) Combine travels

A car is used on average 50% of the time to make trips of less than 5km which does not allow the engine to reach the ideal temperature of operation, especially in cold weather. This behavior eco driving, you can reduce your fuel consumption and your GHG emissions by 7.5%.

3) Avoid peak periods

When planning your trip and avoiding high traffic peak hours, you can save time and 5 to 10% of essential.

4) Maximize the efficiency of your vehicle:

Think properly maintain your car to improve energy efficiency as well as fuel-efficient vehicles when renewing your car.

5) Perform an update of my vehicle every 45 000 km

A poorly maintained mechanical consume up to 15% more fuel than engine inspected regularly. Maintenance candles, carburetor and ignition helps to reduce fuel consumption.

And fuel savers ?

None of the supposed fuel saving devices tested by the American automobile association (AAA) did not fulfill its promises. Best consumption was identical to that obtained without economiser. Even if they don’t have the monopoly of science and knowledge, automakers know all these "savers" and none equips its vehicles while they spend fortunes for gain, which is calculated in tenths of a liter in terms of fuel consumption.

 With fuel savers, the best way to save is to refrain from buying one!

 In your daily choices:

 If the temperature allows, get out your bicycle. In addition to being a fun way to travel, cycling is a great exercise.

 When selecting your next vehicle, consider fuel consumption as an important factor in your decision.

Check if carpooling can be a practical formula to get to work.

 If the mode you want, why not use public transport for some traveling.

 You plan to move, elect home near your workplace. In the longer term, this decision will prove beneficial to your wallet.