5 gears or devices under 200$ that nobody uses but drastically enhance your motorcyclist experience

I'm a riding enthusiast like all of you and I'm very passionate about it. So when I can try a new piece of equipment for cheap, I'm always up to the task. Of course, I won't cover the basis like a good helmet or a rainproof coat, which are obvious to everybody. I'll try to cover little items most people haven't usually even heard of or are not sure about their value. Let's start by the cheapest :

Visor Transporter (< 20$) : Everybody has that problem, you leave home during a sunny afternoon with your smoked visor just to get caught by nightfall because you decided to ride longer than you should have. Who wants to carry an extra bag all the time just for that clear visor ? Well, for less than 20$, the visor transporter is your solution (mine is an Oxford visor transporter). Using that soft carrier, you can wrap your visor safely under your arm and leave with peace of mind. Best thing is, you don't feel it at all !

Heated grip (<25$) :Okay, this one is a stretch, mostly everybody knows about heated grips. What baffles me is that nobody have them... For less than forty bucks, I think it's one of the best investment I made to improve my riding experience (see the next one). No more frozen or numbed hands... no more bear claws (read heavily padded gloves) to hamper your mobility and manoeuvrability. I use my regular summer gloves without fear of coming back with freeze burn... and to add a kick, they are always available to the touch of a button !

Heated vest : I was talking about the best investment I made regarding my riding experience, well this is the one ! It came up to 120$ each for me and my girlfriend when we bought those, but it's the best thing we ever did ! All the problem of mobility I was discussing above gloves apply to your upper torso as well... Who likes to ride with 6 layers of clothing ? It's hard to move, hard to carry, and it doesn't scale well with all temperature during the day... you might leave in the morning with a cold 5 degrees fog and come back in the afternoon under a 25 degree sun... or worse, the exact opposite ! Now I can ride with my summer leather jacket all year down to 5 degrees with no fear of getting cold. Bonus feature, when your core is not cold, it leaves more blood flowing to your extremities and they get cold slower.

Cameleon oilers (175$) : This one is really unheard of. It's an automatic lubrification device for your motorcycle. Of course, anybody with a driving shaft or strap can skip this one. But for the true day-to-day, rain-no-rain rider, keeping your chain well oiled can prove tedious. Who wants to oils his chain getting back from a 2 hours drive in the rain ? Well, this device which is easily installed will oil your chain for about 5 000km without a refill. It will also keep your wheel cleaner (since the oil is ticker and applied more often with less excess). Since the chain is always well maintained, it will also prolong its longevity ! 

Scala Rider : Last but no less, the scala rider is a Bluetooth communication device for rider-to-passenger and bike-to-bike communication. While the price of one can be daunting via the perceive risk, the benefits are obvious. Well, I can assure you that under 140km/h, communication with my girlfriend were perfect up to 500 meters. I've also experienced it with my cell-phone and people can't believe I'm actually on my bike going down a tightly curved road.

So that's it folks, 5 gears or devices under 200$ that nobody uses but drastically enhance your motorcyclist experience. My next try will be a coolant vest (50$) for those hot summer days. Anyone tried it ?