We all know professional men in our lives. These are the high-powered, ambitious, motivated, and often successful men. When it comes time for the holidays, birthdays, or just because we care we may feel like we are not sure what do give as a gift to a person that lives a high speed and low drag lifestyle. What can we buy for men that often appreciate quality, efficiency, and professionalism?

Men, especially professional men, appreciate utility and function. Keep this in mind when buying gifts for them.

Listed below are 5 great gift ideas.

1. Cufflinks - A set of decent, professional and quality cufflinks can be a great accent to a professional appearance. These do not have to be expensive, but they can run in the mid to high range of a budget. Some places even offer monogram and engraving services to add a little extra touch to the appearance and quality of your gift. Cufflinks have the added benefit of being useable and stylish piece that can be used over and over again.

2. Money Clip - organizing the cash in our pockets and wallets is never quite so elegant and stylish as when it is clipped between a decent money clip. These range in quality and materials, but for the most part finding decently priced money clips with a professional appearance is a fairly easy task. Showing success is often a key factor in some professional men's lives. What better way than to flash some cash and do so with a nice money clip?

3. Power Neck Tie - Neck ties as gifts are very common. While we may think of these as bad father's day gifts, the gift of a nice, tasteful, and quality neck tie is sure to brighten the day of any professional man that prides himself in his appearance. When choosing a tie, try to stay away from whimsical and themed ties. These can appear unprofessional at best and even childish at worst. Try to stick to primary colors or grays and blacks with a subtle and pleasing pattern. These can really offset a suit nicely and add an aura of power. Thus the name, power tie.

4. Gift Certificate - Gift certificates are often a last resort gift when we are not sure what to buy for another person. Contrary to this belief, they are great gifts for men. This allows them to buy something that they really want and gets you off the hook of playing the guessing game. You can buy a gift certificate from a specific store, or you can buy a general money gift card available through most of the major credit card companies. These are great gifts for a professional man due to the compact size, portability, and usability.

5. Professional Barber Shave and Haircut - When a hard working man finally gets a chance to take a break and relax, one good way to do this might be a relaxing and professional shave and haircut from a professional barber. These are often very therapeutic and relaxing with the hot lather, nice smells, and the general feeling of being clean. Not to mention, this will help the man maintain his already professional stature.

Before you buy a gift for the professional man in your life, take some time and pay attention to them. See if you can figure out some details about them and use them in your gift giving. This can be helpful in the choosing of the proper gift. Doing this also shows the man that you have really put some thought into the gift and understand his lifestyle and sensibilities.