angry birds

1. Angry Birds – This is one game that all iDevice owners should at lease try let alone buy. There is a ton of levels to try and attempt to beat and even when you are done with those levels you can try to beat your own high score. The visuals are fantastic and it is a blast using the different birds to try to take down the green pigs that are your target. My personal favorite is the bomb bird which just obliterates everything it comes in contact with. With 210 levels in the game there is more than enough for the price tag. They recently just added some more levels to the game and there might be more added in the future. This is one of the must have games for the iPhone. Price: $0.99


2. Plants vs. Zombies – This is essentially a tower defense game but it has zombies so it has to be good right? Yes it is. First off this game is super easy to play but that does not mean it's an easy game. This first started off as a PC game but is translated perfectly into the iDevices with the touch controls it makes it super simple to play. One thing that makes this game fantastic as well is the graphics. All the levels are colorful when you are playing during the day and eerie during the night levels. Both zombies and plants are varied and every plant is different from the last. This is definitely a game that I would suggest that you pick up. Price: $ 2.99

pocket god

3. Pocket God – This is sort of an old game in the App Store but one that people have enjoyed and one that I suggest buying. This isn't exactly a game but more of some sort of virtual pet. There are different things to try with the little islanders that inhabit the tropical island that you can play around with. You can kill them or make them dance. It doesn't matter what you do because you are the god in that universe. There are updates every now and then that really do add different content into the game. The most recent update added a mini-game that is like the old Donkey Kong games back in the 80's. This app is an interesting way to kill time and one that is worth trying for a buck. Price: $0.99

game dev story

4. Game Dev Story – This is probably my favorite time management game in the App Store since it is different from all the other time management games. In the game you run a game design studio and you try to take the video game world by storm by creating the best possible games you can and even a system later in the game. I never felt like I had to rush like in other time management game which was a huge plus for me. This game is also super addicting and I have spent hours on it only to look at the clock later and see that hours have passed by. Since this game is different form any other game out there it should definitely be thought of when you are out looking for a game to buy for your iPhone. Price: $3.99


5. Osmos – This game is kind of hard to describe so I will let the App Store do it for me. "Some describe Osmos as "Asteroids meets a lava-lamp," others as "Katamari meets Lunar Lander," but all have said it's a game you must experience to appreciate." In this game you play as a little cell or some sort of matter and you float around and try to absorb matter that is smaller then you in order to get bigger so eventually you will be the biggest piece of matter on the level. That may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world but it is surprisingly fun and really relaxing. The music adds to the atmosphere of the game and makes you feel like you are in space floating around. Something different but enjoyable, I totally suggest playing this game. Price: $ 0.99