There are so many fun and innovative things that you can do with your iPhone these days, from creating budget and travel plans to making money in your spare time. But perhaps, one of the most entertaining and addictive is taking photos of yourself, your friends, and the places and events around you. 

Though iOS phones have built-in cameras, they are not that powerful and feature loaded. Fortunately, there are many iPhone photo apps these days that will enable you to capture impressive shots like a pro. What’s more, some of these apps are free, while others cost less than 20 dollars.

Here are the 5 iPhone photo apps that will take your photography skills to the next level.

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1. PureShot

PureShot is a newly released photo app from Mike Hardaker, a well-known app developer. It replaced the 645 PRO, which was popular among many iPhoneographers.  With this new photo app, you have the choice as to whether you want to save your images in high quality JPEG form or max quality dRAW TIFF format. Aside from that, PureShot also gives you the option of spot-metering or standard multi-zone. And that’s not all. It also has four real-time histogram selections, GPS readouts, real-time ISO, and so much more.

2. Hipstamatic

This is one of the coolest photo apps available for download today. If you like old school photography, then you will certainly fall in love with Hipstamatic. It allows you to apply different retro effects on your images and make them more stunning by using various lens and film configurations. You can mix and match them to create the effects you desire. This app is so impressive it was used to photograph the November 12 cover of Time Magazine.

3. Blux Camera

This photo app is increasingly becoming popular among iPhoneographers today due to its intuitive user interface and awesome features. This app is very innovative in that it uses cutting-edge P.E.A.R. technology. Blux camera scans the people, objects, or sceneries you would like to take and then make filter and settings recommendations to help you capture stunning, professional-like shots. 

Two Girls Taking a Photo
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4. FilterStorm

Filterstorm is an amazing image editor that is fully loaded with high-end features. It’s compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. This photo app is so impressive it is considered as the Photoshop of iOS devices.

Some of its cool features include masks, curves, adjustments, and layers. In addition, you can also save a number of pre-made adjustments and then apply them automatically to other images. Indeed, Filterstorm has everything an iPhoneographer could ask for.

5. FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio is another amazing must-have image editor. It has hundreds of tools, effects, and labels that will definitely make your photos more stunning. You can combine the various effects or labels to create impressive images. With FX Photo Studio, you can create gorgeous photographs worthy to be shared to the world.

Now who says you need to buy a DSLR camera to capture high resolution and top quality photos? Use one or two of the iPhone photo apps listed above, and you sure are on your way to becoming a professional iPhoneographer.