In modern times Halloween may seem like a commercialized holiday in America. Everything from creature masks, to candy is marketed and sold to a broad consumer base. But, what are the origins of Halloween. Halloween's origins date back from the dark ages, where many of these monsters have their legends in European lore. The undead Skeleton, goblin, vampires, werewolves, (with the exception of the Frankenstein monster) all hail from this period.

The walking skeleton or undead monster has a deep history in European lore. Skeletons or undead creatures reportadly walked the villages at midnight and with their ghost friends sparked terror in the eyes of the beholder. In recent years the undead myth has been expanded upon with the zombie, another undead creature. Sometimes zombies can be as simple as skeletons, other times they are full humans (in undeath) These creatures would make excellent decorations for your yard. Hang a few bones up in the trees, or purchase a skeleton creature at the local Target, and then hang him up on yourfrontdoor. Everyone loves to see a smiling skeleton when they come to get some candy.


The goblin is another creature that hailed from the dark ages. These little ghouls were said to inhabit the countryside (living in small borrows) or underground. Some goblins were said to have been trolls that lived under bridges and made passers pay a toll to cross. If your getting ready for Halloween, and I know we all are, maybe you should purchase a small goblin for your lawn. Or a goblin custom for your child to Trick-or-Treat in. Goblins still inspire fright and this would be an excellent decoration or costume.

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Franenstein is a modern monster. The first tale of Frankenstein was from the late 19th Century. And, it originated in Europe. The Frankenstein monster was a representation of industry and the lengths one would go to pursue science. During this period there were numerous grave robbings across Europe and America. Bodies were sold to science and Universities. The Frankenstein monster was created to represent these horrors. Frankenstein's body is made from the flesh of dead bodies and powered by science and electricity. A Frankenstein creation for a decoration is an excellent idea for your house, or if you want to get a Frankenstein outfit for your child, I am sure they would love it!

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Vampires hail from the region of Translyvannia and the Balkan states of Europe. The legend follows the tale of Vlad. Vlad seems the most likely for the origin of Dracula. In recent years these undead, blood-suckers, have become popularized in films like Twilight and Catherine Harris's best-selling Vampire novels. Maybe you could decorate your yard with some coffins, or tombstones. Also, you could purchase some garlic and hang it on the door to keep these night-crawlers away.

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The Werewolf is another dark-age myth. This myth revolves around how humans can turn into wolves at the sight of the full-mone. They go through bone shattering transformations to become a completely insane, and in-human wolf creature that hunts at night. The silver bullet is the only way to kill these creatures. So if your stocking up on anti-Werewolf supplements, I recommend getting some silver bullets made for your protection. In additon, if you want t0 make your house extra-creepy, purchase some wolf howls on CD and play them when trick-or-treators come up to your door. The howl of a werewolf is one of the creepiest sounds you can play, this time of the year.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a good idea on how you will decorate your house this year for Halloween. I also hope you understand a little more about the origins of these stories, and the protections you can take against Vampires and Werewolves.