Harvey Specter(129206)
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Meet Harvey Specter. From the very first episode of suits, the maverick lawyer skilfully portrayed by Gabriel Macht quickly became one of the many factors that have us all hooked to the show. Incredibly adept, rare is the case he cannot win or the person he cannot convince. Find out what is it exactly that makes Harvey Specter so charismatic, and what can you learn from him.

Take pride in your appearance.

Part of Harvey Specter’s appeal lies in the fact that he always presents himself immaculately. His usual attire of a Tom Ford suit (a brand also favoured by Daniel Craig as James Bond) sets him apart from his peers. When Harvey and Louis Litt are on screen together, Harvey’s suit makes it instantly obvious which of the two is the most accomplished. He understands that the way you look has a direct impact on how others perceive you, because it’s how you choose to present yourself. Harvey Specter is a winner, his stylish suits, perfect hair and well picked ties serve well in showing that to others.

                You may not be able to afford Spectre’s suit or the rest of his apparel yet, but you should always buy the best clothes you can and take pride in your presentation. When you buy a suit, take it to a good tailor and have it altered to fit you perfectly. A Tom Ford suit that’s too large will not be as flattering as a less expensive suit that has been tailored to match you exactly.

Be Self-Assured

To call Harvey Specter confident is a huge understatement. He’s the best at what he does, he knows it and believes it enough to let others know. When given seemingly impossible tasks, Harvey confidently takes them on, certain in the knowledge he will succeed and guess what? He does.

                Being self assured shows you’re confident in your capabilities and makes others look up to you, but it’s essential for you to be able to keep your promises. The reason Harvey is so admired by everyone (maybe except Louis) is because he delivers on what he says. Make sure you can deliver too and if not, then work tirelessly on your skills until you can fearlessly say you’re the best.

Keep your composure

Harvey has the ability to remain cool when he is put under pressure. When faced with situations tense enough to make our faces at home drop in shock, Harvey possesses the calm to appear nonchalant, sometimes even throwing in a few witty jokes for good measure.  

Being cool under pressure inspires confidence in you by showing that you can remain in control of yourself. The reason why “possesses the ability to work under pressure” appears on a lot of job descriptions is because people want to make sure that when situations don’t pan out as they were expected to, you’ll still be able to remain composed enough to make sound decisions.


Take risks.

Another thing Harvey’s composure allows him to do is take risks. Be it by hiring Mike in the first place, or by risking his job time and time again, Harvey realises that to win big, you can’t always play it safe. His admirable quality is that he, unlike others, has the nerve to take those risks.

                You should never risk what you cannot afford to lose, risks often backfire. However, the fact of life is that if you ever want to be anything more than average you will have to take certain calculated risks. We’re all quick to understand that things can go wrong, but don’t forget that risks can pay off, and when they will. You’ll congratulate yourself on having the nerve to carry out your decisions.

Be Ambitious

Even from his early days at Pearson and Hardman Harvey dreamed big. (Spoiler: If you haven’t seen any episode before or including Season 2 Episode 13 you’ll want to skip the rest of this paragraph). Five years ago Harvey was gunning for partner, after that he fought for senior partner, and does he stop where most people wouldn’t even dream of going? No. Now, he wants his name on the door. This is someone who was working in the mail room.

                Ambition is a very desirable trait. You need something you want badly enough to be able to go way over and above what “everyone else” does to get it. If you know what you want, go for it. If you don’t then find out what’s worth struggling for. The drive you’ll emanate when working towards your goals will show, like Harvey’s drive when he works on each case. And that is a very desirable trait to have.