Not receiving an education


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Sure, you may be able to land a good paying job right out of high school.  Sure, math class was never your thing.  Sure, like most everyone out there, you absolutely hated everything about high school.  These factors should have nothing to do with your ambitions to continue onto college.

The fact of it is that receiving an education, especially early in life, will change the way you view the world.  The way you carry yourself, the way you act, speak, feel, and see the world.  Everything around you will become different.  Even if your dreams entail living in your hometown for the rest of your life while keeping the same friends you had in high school, branching for a bit and receiving some sort of education will open your eyes in ways that I cannot even begin to explain. 





Not traveling


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Travel while you are young.  It is important to see what the rest of the world around you has to offer.  Especially if you are American.  Most Americans remain blinded to the fact that there are other countries out there besides the one they live in.  Experience culture, tradition, languages, architecture, and countless other amazing things. 

As you grow older, your responsibilities continue to grow.  Having children, a mortgage, payments, family issues, etc. your abilities to travel can become less and less the longer you choose to wait.  There is so much more out there to see than the places that you grew up.  It’s important that you open your eyes to new things and to new parts of the world.  



Getting married young



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This one may be quite controversial for some.  A lot of people out there are more than happy to marry their high school sweet hearts.  Congratulations to them.  This however can become a major tie down very early in your life.  Marriage is supposed to be forever.  Getting married at a young age can lead to dependence and a lack of personal goals on both ends of the relationship.  Instead of worrying about what those around you are doing, focus on yourself while you are young.  Pursue your own dreams.  Plan on being selfish for a while until you are able to build your own financial security, build your own dreams, and have your own independence.  These are all qualities that help create healthy relationships in the long run anyway.




Trying to impress people with your money


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When you are young, it just seems so easy to throw around money.  Not having a care in the world about what the future holds, it is easy to indulge and spend foolishly.  While how you spend your money is up to you, spending it on other people in order to gain their liking is a foolish mistake. 


When we are young, a lot of people still have the tendency to want to hang out or be friends with certain individuals.  They see that spending money around them or spending money on them in order to gain their liking as a good strategy in the popularity scheme of things. 


As you grow a bit older you are going to realize that if a person is your friend because of you financial habits, they are not truly your friend at all.  Step back and look around at who your true friends are vs. the ones who just love your financial status.  Those will ultimately be the friends that will be there for you in the future.




Not being the person you want to be


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This is probably the most important one out there.  While we are young, it seems that we are easily susceptible to conforming to those around us.  It is so easy for a young person to cave into social pressures and social boundaries that we tend to leave behind the person we truly want to be.  Stop looking at the people you hold in high esteem and trying to be them.  Be who you want to be.  Express yourself how you want to express yourself, and worry about what you are doing rather than worrying about what others want you to be doing.


Start chasing your own goals regardless of what other people around you think of them.  Being young and wanting to conform to the crowd comes too easy for some.  As we grow older we realize that the people that judged us in the past do not matter anymore.  The sooner you begin to become your own person, the sooner you begin to grow as an individual.