Regardless of wether you are a professional or layman soccer player, it is an absolute “must” to have the right equipment. Not only will it drastically improve your game play, but also decrease the probability of certain injuries. Without the right kind of equipment you just won’t be able to enjoy the thrill of the game the same way. Below are five must have soccer gadgets.

Shin guards

Just as you would not drive a motorbike without wearing a safety helmet, you should never play soccer without guards that will help protect your shins. Since the obvious aim of the game is for many people to try and get near and then kick a ball, there is a certain probability that you will sooner or later be hit in your legs. While protection will not guarantee you don’t get hurt, it is bound to decrease the impact significantly and hopefully prevent you from having too serious an injury. As with any protection, it is of outmost importance that you do your research and purchase high quality guards.


It’s no surprise that having the right “footing” is essential in a game like soccer. Be it for an inside game in your local gym or outside in the open, your grip, i.e. “footing” while running has to be solid and controlled at all times. Playing with the wrong shoes doesn’t only impact your game play negatively, but can result in severe injuries. Thus it is important for you to take some time, do the research and make the investment.


You are not going to use your bag on the field, but you need one to have all of your soccer equipment in it, e.g.,  water bottle, shoes, shin guards, and anything else. You can’t carry your soccer gear in a small shopping bag all the time. You need to have a proper bag specifically designed for athletes.


When choosing the right cloths, it is essential that they’re firstly comfortable and secondly don’t decrease your freedom and maneuverability. Wearing a “team uniform” will not only make it easy to distinguish between your mates and opponents in the heat of the moment, but also encourage colleagueship and a sense of unity and connection in your team. Thus wearing the right uniform can have a great psychological impact on you and the game


The four mentioned pieces of equipment above can be understood as a prerequisite for a successful and professional soccer game. Other things that can really help you in the field could be:

  • Athletic socks (that work optimally with your shine guards)
  • Water bottles
  • Quality soccer ball
  • Elbow knee pads and gloves (if you are a goalkeeper)

Don’t forget to ask your coach for anything else you might need on or off the field. And last but not least, always bear in mind that your success on the field will greatly depend on the amount of time you as a team are willing to dedicate for practise and team building.