Sharks are among the most fiercest predators in the ocean as well as incredibly captivating. People have always been fascinated by these creatures as shown by the popularity of the movie Jaws featuring arguably the most feared of all sharks, the great white. This list happens to be of 5 dangerous sharks I have chosen based on how often they attack and raw power.

5. Shortfin Mako


With the ability to jump an amazing 30 ft. high in the air and swim at speeds over 30 mph the mako is the fastest species of shark and incredibly agile.  Averaging between 7 to 9 feet the shortfin mako has contributed to 8 unprovoked attacks on humans with 2 fatalities.  While those are low numbers compared to the other big sharks on this list it earns a spot based on just how efficient a killing machine the mako is. Being a fairly common shark and existing all over the world in warm and cold water, shallow and deep the mako is very good at adapting to its surroundings. It has been known to eat many different types of fish and even each other. Highly aggressive they also have a high track record for attacking boats.

4. Bull Shark

bull shark

A highly aggressive and unpredictable tank of a shark, the bull shark is responsible for 59 unprovoked attacks and 25 deaths. Capable of reaching lengths of 11 ft. with rare cases being rumored at 13 ft. the bull shark is one of the larger species of sharks roaming the ocean. However the bull shark has one special ability that makes it stand out from the other sharks in this list. It can actually swim in fresh water areas. It has been sighted in many fresh water areas including the Mississippi River. The bull shark prefers shallow waters and as such are particularly dangerous to humans.

3. Tiger Shark

tiger shark(68427)

The tiger shark is second on the list of recorded shark attacks against humans. They often visit shallow waters increasing the odds of an encounter. It's common for an average tiger shark to reach lengths of 13 ft, however there are numerous reports of tiger sharks reaching lengths of up to 20 ft. Bethany Hamilton, the female surfer the movie Soul Surfer is based on, was the unfortunate victim of a tiger shark attack in which she lost her left arm. Tiger sharks are responsible for 63 unprovoked attacks with 27 deaths. Tiger shark population has declined thanks to heavy fishing however tiger sharks still remain one of the most dangerous sharks in the ocean.

2. Great White Shark

great white

Easily the most recognizable shark on this list, the great white is responsible for more unprovoked fatalities than any other shark in existence. With 182 unprovoked attacks and 65 deaths the great white is the most fearsome shark in the ocean. The great white shark is the perfect predator. It excels in both speed and power. It can reach lengths up to, and sometimes over, 20 ft. making it one of the largest sharks. Having been documented in books, movies, and tv specials the great white has captured the imagination and haunted the nightmares of many ocean goers.

1. Megalodon


Although long extinct, the Megalodon has to have the top spot on this list if only for size alone. The exact length and weight of the Megalodon has been the subject of much controversy though it is still the largest shark to ever exist in history. In fact some speculate that one reason it may have gone extinct was it simply got to large to sustain itself. One can only imagine how big a full-grown Megalodon must have been to feed off of large ancient whales. It has also been stated to have one of the most powerful bites in history to help with this feeding.