Apps are no longer just for phones. Astute and forward-thinking automakers have begun to include apps as a part of the cars that they offer. Take a look at four of the most innovative apps that you could have in your vehicle.

1. An App to Sync up Your Car

 Ford SyncCredit:

Image via Flickr by Michael Sheehan

Ford was the first innovator in the market; the company integrated smartphones, voice commands, and hands-free navigation before "app" was even a household word. The Ford Sync used to allow you to control the music in the car without having to use your hands at all, but now it has evolved into a system that allows you to use your GPS and your phone completely hands free as well.  This feature is also available in the new Ford Escape and other Ford vehicles.

2. An App to GPS Your Deals

You know when you get that insatiable desire to have some Atomic Sushi as you are driving through winding city roads? The innovative creators of Roximity have developed an app that can alleviate your craving while also serving you up a deal. This may seem similar to a lot of other GPS apps out there, but this one is different in a pretty awesome way.

Roximity syncs up with the GPS you have in your car and deals actually pop up as you're driving. Have a thing for Armani on a budget? When you're near a store that has it on sale, you'll see it on your GPS. Just one click and you are lead straight to the door. 

3. An App to Diagnose Your Car

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This app is the perfect solution for all those people lacking mechanical skills. Go Point is an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) app is designed to give you real-time information that comes directly from your car's built-in computer diagnostic system. All you have to do is plug in the GoPoint cable and you can find out exactly what is going on inside of your car instantly in simple terms.

4. Crowd Sourced GPS

While GPS has previously worked entirely based on satellite feeds, there is a new kind emerging that proves to be more up to the second and real-time than anything else around. NavMii uses information that's gathered from other users of the app while they're driving. This allows you to see in real-time where there's a traffic jam, where traffic is moving smoothly, and where people are getting pulled over by officers.

5. An App to Send Voice Messages

In the ongoing war against texting and driving, HeyTellwas born. At the push of a button, you can record a quick message that will be sent to the recipient without having to take your eyes off of the road. For an added bonus, you can even press the locator button before you send your message that will tell them exactly where you are.

Car technology is evolving quickly. Who knows how intelligent our vehicles will be in the future?