Eating vegetarian food doesn't have to be plain and boring. There are lots of healthy, nutritious and delicious meals to choose from, if you just use a little imagination.  They don't have to be complicated either. All these meals are easy to prepare, taking minimal effort, yet offering maximum taste. Try one of them for yourself...

1) Sweet potato and Philadelphia cream cheese spread with salad or baked beans:
Cooking a sweet potato is much the same as cooking a jacket (or baked) potato, except its bright orange flesh is a lot sweeter and much kinder on the waistline. A sweet potato contains around half the carbohydrates of a baked potato and offers twice as many vitamins and minerals too. Try replacing your baked potato with this alternative and taste the difference for yourself.

2) Hearty vegetable broth:
This is fairly easy to prepare in terms of chopping up vegetables and preparing a broth. The hard part is being patient whilst it cooks! Slice a few root vegetables (onion, carrot, brocolli or leek) then put in a large pan of water with vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Cover and simmer until cooked, adding herbs and spices to flavour as necessary. I recommend basil and oregano for tomato based soups and chives and coriander for potato or root vegetable based soups. Once hot, ladle into bowls and serve with fresh crusty bread.

3) Lentil dahl and bulgar wheat:
You can buy packs of lentil dahl now which just involve adding water and heating it up. This tasty and healthy meal takes roughly 20-30 minutes to prepare, depending on how you cook the bulgar wheat, by heating (which can take 15 minutes) or by soaking (30 minutes). Serve the lentil dahl once heated, the lentils should be firm yet still in a sauce - serve on a bed of bulgar wheat. As an extra, a crunchy salad of lettuce, beetroot and tomato is excellent when combined with this meal.

4)  Goats cheese and walnut risotto:
Making a risotto is simple - just add rice and cook as normally. Meanwhile chop some walnuts and herbs such as fresh coriander and leave to soak in the rice with a touch of vegetable stock. Leave to simmer for 30 minutes or more until the liquid has absorbed into the rice. Once cooked, sprinkle a generous amount of goats cheese into the risotto and serve with some garlic bread or a roll.

5) Baked camembert:
This is a very rich and tasty recipe. Using one whole camembert cheese, a tablespoon of pine nuts and about a ¼ of an apple thinly sliced, this meal is perfect as a dish to serve to fellow vegetarian guests alongside or as an alternative  for example, to the traditional Christmas turkey dinner. Simply take an ovenproof dish and place the unwrapped cheese inside. Then sprinkle the pine nuts by pressing them into the cheese. Place the apple slices over the nuts. Place in the oven for 15 minutes until baking hot. Serve immediately.