1. It's fun. If you want success with any exercise program, its got to motivate you Kickboxing Trainingto get off the couch on a regular basis. Kickboxing training is fun, punching - kicking - bobbing and weaving, and it makes you feel strong and confident. It's a great way to burn calories either at home with a DVD or at the gym with new friends.
  2. Kickboxing training strengthens and stretches your whole body. While kicking and holding your body weight with one leg will definitely strengthen your legs, punching and blocking also improve your balance and upper body strength. Kickboxing training also typically includes at least some weight training.
  3. Effective weight loss, Kickboxing workouts burn off a whopping 400 to 600 calories in an hour. If you also count the increase in metabolism your body maintains for several hours after a rigorous exercise session, and the increased metabolism your body has in rebuilding muscle tissue and maintaining an increase in muscle density, you will be dropping body-fat FAST. It also keeps your heart at a steady 75% to 85% rate which is recommended as the optimum heart rate, and is the recommended heart rate if you are engaged in exercise or training. Kickboxing training is so much fun you will hardly notice all the calories you are burning.
  4. It is actually a low impact form of exercise. Of course if you decide to try sparring with a partner, it can quickly become high impact. But kickboxing training is itself is gentler on your body than jogging. You normally have at least one foot on the ground at all times, you are not jumping up and down. This makes it a great way to start exercising if you have not done much in the way of exercise. It is easy on the joints.
  5. It's a great bodyscupting workout. Have you ever seen those avid runner's bragging about how great running for you, but they look like you could knock them over with a pillow? Sure they are lean, but being fit should mean having a slight build. Kickboxing not only gives a lean, taut look, but also increases your muscle mass. Don't worry you won't become a big hulking beast. It amazes me that people really worry about getting big bulky muscles - Like it's that easy, whoops I accidently worked too long and now I'm huge! Unless you are a genetic rarity like Mr. Olympia, getting big bulky muscles takes a lot of work, deliberate planning, strict diet and dedication. But regular Kickboxing training will firm up and tone your muscles, and you can expect some healthy looking muscle growth and definition.