Benefits of Being Muscular

Being muscular is something many guys dream of - but for most guys the only reason for being muscular is to look good in the eyes of the opposite sex. What most people tend to overlook, however, is that there are tons of advantages and benefits of being muscular, apart from simple vanity. This article will look into the biggest benefits which one can reap from having a muscular body. These are the biggest reasons to maintain a muscular body:

You Can Eat a Lot More Without Gaining Weight

An often overlooked benefit of being muscular is that you'll have a much higher caloric burn rate. This basically means that your body will burn more calories per day than a skinny body would. And this isn't just limited to working out or exercising either - even at rest a muscular body will burn more calories than would its less muscular counterpart. There are a series of reasons contributing to this phenomenon, but there are two main contributing factors.

The most noticeable reason is the increased metabolism that accompanies a higher level of muscular fitness. This basically means that your body will burn calories at a faster rate than average. The reason for this is because muscles require a lot of energy to function, even while at rest, thus causing your body to use up more energy for simple maintenance.  

Then there is the more obvious reason: the increase in weight. With the extra weight of more muscle mass, your body will be forced to drain more energy while moving. Picture if you will a really huge car. It's common knowledge that the huge car will use a lot more fuel than, say, one of those tiny French smart cars. It's basically the same with the human body, except the effect is even more noticeable - the bigger your muscles are, the more fuel you can take in without gaining weight.

You'll Have Statistically Better Chances With Women

There's long been a debate about whether or not having big muscles attracts women. It seems the general opinion today is that it doesn't really matter - some women like big muscles, others don't, so it kind of cancels itself out, right? Especially in today's society where muscular fitness has become obsolete, you'd think it shouldn't really matter. Except it still totally does.

Way back in the days, when being physically strong was still a necessary factor for survival, the bigger and stronger males were the ones who produced the offspring most likely to survive. Therefore, women were evolutionary programmed to be attracted to these males (see the theory of evolution for more details), thus increasing the chances of survival for their own genes.

Even though physical fitness is no longer a necessity in today's society, this evolutionary programming lingers on, still causing women to be subconsciously attracted to the stronger males. So even though most women don't even realize it, this is an evolutionary fact that still affects all women's decisions when it comes to choosing a mate.

You'll Be Much Less Likely to Get Into Fights

Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war). This old Latin saying still holds true today, both in warfare and on a more subtle plane. It basically interprets as peace through strength, and was most obviously seen in the cold war (where both sides were so ridiculously powerful that no one dared attack the other, thus resulting in peace).

And this concept holds true on a personal level as well. A big and strong person is subconsciously (and sometimes consciously as well) intimidating to other men, thus leading to a decrease in the odds of violence in any given situation. The mere presence of a strong-looking person can therefore help avoid and deter fights, regardless of his ability (or inability) to throw or take a punch.

You Stand a Much Smaller Risk of Injuries

Muscles are obviously a vital part of our bodies - they are the reasons we are able to pretty much do anything. But the awesomeness of muscles doesn't stop there - they also help keep things from breaking. The layer of muscles that surrounds our organs and bones work as a kind of protective layer and stabilizer, making sure that the fragile stuff isn't exposed to danger. It serves as padding against hard blows and stabilizer for our bones and joints.

In muscular people, this layer is naturally thicker and stronger, which increases its ability to keep us safe. Stronger muscles have a better capacity of absorbing hard blows, and it also keeps our joints in place, reducing the risk of twisted ankles, dislocated bones and torn tendons, to name a few things. Stronger muscles also means better control of your body, which leads to less risk of hurtful accidents in the first place.

You'll Perform Better in Everyday Situations

Arguably the biggest benefit of being muscular is the fact that you will perform better in everyday situations. Everything from getting out of your bed to playing with your kids will become easier when you have more strength with which to handle these things.


Of course, it's important to note that most of these benefits only apply to a certain extent - there is also such a thing as being too muscular. As with all forms of training, it's important to find a sustainable balance when it comes to muscle size in order to reap the biggest benefits.