Here are 5 reasons not to give up on your dreams.

ONE... Your not alone. Many people have faced adversity on the way to accomplishing their dreams and not given up.  The reality is that the difference between those who succeed and those who do not is sometimes really quite simple. One chose to give up, throw in the towel, and admit defeat while the other stood strong, weathered the storm and refused to take no for an answer. Think of the great things that have been accomplished throughout history by people who refused to give up. You can be sure both faced obstacles and many certainly faced greater obstacles and disadvantages than you probably do. If others have been able to weather the storms of adversity so too can you.

TWO... Success may be right around the corner... Maybe you have been trying at something for quite a long time and are just at that point where you wanna give up... well don't because it just may be that this time you get it right. Past failure is no indication of future success. Once again just ask the history books for proof of this. Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, and Abraham Lincoln are all fantastic examples of people who failed many, many times at their endeavors before becoming great successes.

THREE... Remember why you are trying at  this thing in the first place. Maybe you have dreams of becoming a lawyer, or playing professional sports... Or maybe you want to run for office or start your own business. These dreams are all apart of your DNA or else you probably wouldn't be working so hard at them. These dreams and aspirations represent who you are as a person and they are fundamental to your being. If you give up on your dreams you may never find the happiness you were meant to have. If you decide to give up on your dreams you'll just be joining the ranks of mediocrity. You are working toward your goals because they represent who you are and they are what puts a smile on your face. It might be hard now but no one is as happy as he or she who follows their heart and finds success.

FOUR... The world needs YOU! Each one of us has something amazing inside of us that the world needs. There are so many people that have done great things for humanity and not just the Mother Theresa's of the world. The musician who inspires, the comedian who relieves our stress, or the scientist who is forging a new, and better lifestyle for us all. We need your contribution to the world so don't give up because your dream is bigger than you and your happiness. It just may be your invention, or lesson plan that changes the world for all of us...

FIVE... Don't be afraid to fail. Failing is all apart of success. Even the greatest among us have failed time and time again. Michael Jordan missed more shots than he made, Tiger Woods has lost more tournaments than he has won, and even Steve Jobs was fired from his own company before coming back to lead the I revolution that has now made Apple the largest tech firm in the world. Failure is OK as long as you get back up again. Don't allow the risk of failure to determine your decisions for the future. Risks should be measured by the value of the goal not by the probability of sucess. If it's worth it... Go for it with reckless abandon and never look back!

Don't Give Up!