Before we get into the list lets take just a second here to see what we are aiming for.  In order to know what success is you have to define it. Is a successful relationship happy? At times yes it is, but let me ask you another question. Would you consider a relationship where both people are very happy all the time, or the a relationship where the two people go through great hardship but still love each other. Technically you could say they are both a success, but the first one is never tested. If you go through life without your relationship ever being tested you are the luckiest person ever.  So for the purpose of this article success is seen as a relationship that can withstand trials.

One reason a relationship succeeds or fails is if the couple can laugh together. They can admit when they make a mistake, and be able to laugh at themselves. They can have a good time with each other. The man can know the right way to get his wife in a better mood just by being silly enough for her to smile. The woman can look at her man and be able joke around with him. People all over the world say that laughter is the best medicine that holds true for relationships too.

One key component that any good relationship should have is being able to have a life of your own. It is said sometime that someone can "be your everything" while this sounds good in practice sometimes you do have to get away from each other. You need to have your own set of friends that you can joke around with, and have fun with too. That doesn't mean you should go out on your own and party it up and flirt with other women or men. That is a path unto failure if ever there was one.

Another reason successful relationships succeed is that the man and woman can listen to each other. They can not only hear what the other person is saying, but honestly take it to heart. If there is a problem or a success they should be able to listen and share in the situation. 

Another key ingredient for making a relationship work is communication. While this sounds and awful lot like listening it is actually something totally different. It is easy to listen to someone who is willing to open up to you and pour out their heart and soul. However, it is another thing entirely to be able to open yourself up(especially for the men). Make an effort even if you don't feel like talking about something. If it is on your mind share it with your partner.

The final hardest, but most important thing for any successful relationship is the ability to be honest. It is so easy to sweep something under the rug, and to let it slide. But if it is something you think the other person should know then tell them. You holding onto it will eat away at you, and the other person will pick up on it. It will end your successful relationship.  The easiest way to stay honest is don't do things you'll have to lie about later. Don't lie about hanging out with friends instead of spending time with your girl, because if you can't be honest with her what are you doing in a relationship to begin with?