Padded bike shorts, as the name suggest, are shorts that are specifically made for cycling. Unlike normal cycle shorts, these cycling shorts have additional material and padding in them that offer protection to the backside and surrounding area, which enables you to cycle further, faster and pain free. 

Padded bike shorts have a large chamois or synthetic pad in around the crotch and backside, which makes them look bulky and a bit weird. these bike shorts are not flattering but believe me the pad definitely works and does its job so it’s worth buying a pair. 

Affordable padded cycling shorts

1) Padded bike shorts keep you comfortable and prevent saddle soreness 

Arguably, you can wear anything for cycling however wearing the right clothing will make a ride much more enjoyable. As I am sure you already know, cycling shorts are specifically made for cycling, which means they tailored to your legs, they are nice and tight but still allow you to move, and they are stitched together in areas where the stitches won’t chafe and cause discomfort and pain. 

Spending time in the saddle causes a real pain in the backside, which is more commonly referred to as saddle soreness. It is possible to increase your tolerance to saddle soreness but this takes time, effort and putting up with the pain. 

Rather than increasing your tolerance to saddle soreness it is far easier to combat it wearing padded bike shorts that will keep your backside and surrounding area comfortable and pain free. 

2) Padded bike shorts will help you travel faster 

Padded bike shorts are made out of lycra, which is a tight fitting material that fits snugly to your skin. Despite being tight, Lycra is very light and stretchy and allows you to move about freely. In fact, if your padded bike shorts are a proper fit you will soon forget you are even wearing them. 

Since bike shorts with padding are tight they are aerodynamic and there is little material to flap around in the wind to create drag and slow you down. Wearing baggy shorts not only slows you down but also makes cycling more difficult, which will wear you out quicker. 

So, if you want to cycle faster for longer, and with less effort you should invest in a good pair of padded cycling shorts. 

3) Padded bike shorts offer protection in a crash 

One thing you have to appreciate when you cycle is that you will have a crash at some point. No matter how good a cyclist you think you are, or how careful a cyclist you are there will come a time when you have a crash and fall off your bike. 

Road surfaces are rough and will bruise, cut and rip open skin. In addition, trails are equally as dangerous and damaging, therefore you need to protect your skin at all times. A pair of padded bike shorts provides a thick, protective layer that will shield your skin from the road or trail surface when you fall off. 

4) Padded bike shorts look good 

Padded bike shorts aren’t flattering and they do look weird when you’re off the cycle and generally walking around but when you’re on the bike and in the saddle it’s a different matter. 

There’s no doubt about it, when you’re on the cycle padded bike shorts look good. If you look good you will feel good, and if you feel good your performance will improve and you will be faster. It’s all psychological. 

5) Padded bike shorts do not have to be expensive 

Padded bike shorts made by the “popular” and “fashionable” companies can be exceptionally expensive and cost in excess of a hundred bucks. However, padded bike shorts don’t have to be expensive to be comfortable and protective. 


Contrary to popular belief, there are many pairs of affordable cycling shorts that are comfortable, protective and offer great value for money. You just need to get out there and find them. 

So, there we have it. Five reasons why you should buy a pair of padded bike shorts. If you spend a lot of time in the saddle, either cycling to work, cycling for pleasure or just going out for long rides with your family take a look at some padded bike shorts for even more comfort. Once you have experienced a pair of padded bike shorts you won’t go back to normal shorts again.

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