We've all had situations where we have feelings for someone special at work or school and we have mates who are Facebook friends with him or her, but don't quite know how to add them and get close to them on Facebook and in real life without appearing to be a stalker. Or sometimes, you only see your crush at an event, friends house party, lecture, tutorial, and rarely are in a position to make a move and get to know him or her, and only Facebook is the only avenue available.

Here are a few simple steps to transform from being essentially a stalker who blows kisses into your crushes display picture and ease into a deeper and meaningful someone in your crush's life.

Step One

Check the mutual friends that both you and they share on Facebook. Now check whose wall your friend posts on the most. This will likely mean that they will also check your friend's wall regularly. Try to post sensible and attractive posts that will get your crushes attention. Diversify your posts over the top three or four your mutual friends walls. This will definitely get his or her attention.

Step Two

The second mode of attack is to comment casually on any photos that includes your crush with a friend of yours. Obviously don't go commenting on all photos just a handful. And DO NOT post on photos that are one month or older. This will look lame and quite obvious. Make meaningful comments, and portray a demeanour that you might think would attract him or her. Don't swear and act like a goof. Have funny and slightly corny comments that would make your crush smile.

Step Three "spreading the message"

Make it known; nothing will come from keeping anything behind closed doors. Even if you're mutual friend is not one of your closest mates, as long as you think they are trustworthy and considerate, let your mutual friends know how you feel about your crush. Perhaps ask them to gradually let your crush know how you feel about them.

Step Four "like, comment, like, comment, like, comment"

Now that your crush is aware that you do have feelings for them. Try to comment or 'like' photos that your crush appears in, or add to comments made by your crush in your friends status update. If your crush replies to your comments in a constructive tone, then you have something there. However, if he/she outright ignores your comments and continues replying merrily away at comments made by others, then your in trouble.

Step Five A

Ok so at this stage your crush is flirting with your flirtatious photo comments or status update contributions TARGETED AT HIM/HER. Now, considering he/she is aware of your feelings for him/her, you can take a deep breadth and add him/her as a Facebook friend without fear of getting rejected because he/she should have some feelings for your projected interest in him/her. Continue to get close to him/her by talking etc on chat just like you would at a party or club. But please maintain the same demeanour you portrayed before successfully adding him/her.

Step Five B

Unfortunately his/she's just not that into you. Or maybe he/she is? Perhaps he/she too has feelings for you but just isn't showing it through Facebook. Nevertheless, he/she rejected your 'flirtatious comment moves' and its best not add him/her as a friend. Oh Really? Well maybe just add him/her, what do you have to loose. Some people just add any random person they stand next to on the subway, so perhaps your crush is similar and may just accept your friendship request. Now, despite being allowed in, its not as glorious as in step 5 A, but you're in nonetheless. Just introduce yourself, talk to him/her in general and since he/she already knows your feelings towards him/her she might end up showing his/her true feelings, good or bad.

Best of luck, oh and you could just skip all these steps and just add your crush, show your true feelings up front, and you might get lucky. Some people just like that honesty and frankness. Perhaps they had the same feelings for you.