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Web designing today is Booming. It has become really popular and is gaining area in freelancing sector. Today, the face of Internet is that most of the imaginations and designs are used up. So, the website owner needs a homepage, or the entire layout to be different from the rest of the world. So He/She does whatever they can and If they cannot then, they simply hire a designer who makes the desirable design for them. In this article I will share some not – to – be broken rules of Web Designing.


1. Splash Pages are out: Splash pages can be referred as the Pages you see first whenever you enter any website. Usually, a website has splash pages not blogs. These pages might ask the user whether they want to come inside the website or not. This thinking has now become so old. Obviously, if a user has come to your site, He/She want to go inside. Don’t place a link saying “leave” or go back” on your website. It will just put a negative impression on the user about your website.


2. Watch your Ads: The world knows that today, Banner ads are one of the best ways to get a earning from your website. But excessive places for Banner ads could be really very harmful. Users would like to be a community of your website till they feel that you are not using them as a money making tool. Less advertisement, if set on certain places could bring same amount of money as a lot of ads bring from different places.


3. Let the users navigate: What if a person comes to your website, crawls a bit and then he is unable to find the Home page link or button? The impression made by your website on his mind will be cracked and he/she would rarely visit your website again. So, try to make your navigation bar and other useful links at a place where they are visible. The user should not get mad to find those links.


4. Yes, Breadcrumbs Help: Today, most of the websites have adapted this feature on their websites. The idea is just simple and it works great. You just have to tell the user where he is. That’s it. It also increases your websites click through rate and adds a little percentage to the point 3.


5. Avoid Flash or audio: First be clear, is your website only for those who have a fast internet connection? Some people like me might have a slower connection and if I visit someone’s site which has Audio or flash on it, it would take me weeks to just open that website. I know, some flash websites have option to switch off flash or audio but still, many people could not even make it to the Homepage. That is why Flash websites are just vanishing away from the web.

    These are the 5 proven Surefire rules for web designing. These are used by millions and are helping millions day by day to improve their website and increase the number of visitors.


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