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Should I get a kitten?

Buying a kitten or any pet for that matter is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are a few things that you need to take into consideration when deciding if getting a pet is the right thing for you to do. Although a kitten is less time consuming than some other pets, you still have to be 100% sure before heading off to the rescue shelter or pet store.

1.   Allergies - Some people are allergic to cats and others may not be. If you haven’t really spent any time with cats then you may be allergic and just not aware yet. Allergies can be severe, some just being cold like symptoms of sneezing and sniffling, others can be a lot worse such as hives, rashes or swelling. So it is best to cross this off the list before you begin. If you are unsure, why not go and see your doctor, it is better to be safe than sorry.


2.   Lifestyle – Although cats don’t require walking they still require some of your time. Is your lifestyle suited to have a kitten apart of it? Do you have the time to change the litter, feed, care and spend quality time with your kitten? Kittens are fairly easy to entertain, a ball of string, a cat scratcher, some company and a few other toys but that does not mean they should be left alone for too long. A cat will equally be a part of your family if your lifestyle is suited.


3.   Home – Do you have lots of dogs, dangerous things around your home or massive piles of electrical cords? The cords are easy to clean up as you can almost guarantee at one stage or another your cat is going to find these great to play with; but the dogs or other things around the home that may be there might be an issue. Some cats/kittens get along fine with dogs, others may not. This is something that will sometimes work out in the end but you must consider this if you already have pets. If you do not already have pets does your landlord approve? Are you prepared if you are ever house hunting to be rejected by those who do not approve pets? Unfortunately all things that need to be considered when deciding to buy a kitten.


4.   Breed – Some breeds are easier to care for than others although as cats they basically do the grooming themselves. Long Haired Cats require brushing to avoid any knots, tangles or extra presents getting stuck in their hair, this might include something they laid on or something they were doing in the bathroom that got stuck on the way. Each type of cat is known for different personality traits, I would suggest that you do some research on the cats you are interested in; just to make sure you both are suited to each other.


5.   Children – Children generally love having a pet at home, but some don’t. If you have children I would suggest asking them how they feel about having a brand new kitten as part of your family. Some children simply love and adore kittens; others may not and will in turn not be very friendly towards them. If this is the case the kitten or cat will retaliate and it could end up messy. You also need to make sure your children are not allergic to cats either, just because you may not be allergic doesn’t mean that they aren’t.


A Cat is a lovely companion to have as part of your family. They are independent, quiet and willing to return love and respect that is given to them. They require minimal care and are a great companion, although these are still things that must be considered when deciding to buy a kitten or cat. If you do end up deciding to buy a kitten why not try your local rescue centres first.

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