Music can elicit such a great range of emotions in a short amount of time. I can still remember, as a kid, going to a friend's party, and being in awe when his dad picked up the guitar rather than just playing pre-recorded songs.  At that moment, the place just lit up for me. If you happen to play an instrument, just try and find what makes you keep playing, and pass that on. Put together a set of songs that mean something to you and play them for your kids..whenever they ask! If you don't play an instrument, you could share the recordings that mean something to you, or reminds you of great times and then describe those. Share music with your kids and be ready to hear what they like, and listen to each other's favouritMusicians and childCredit: Morguefilee songs.


Everyone has something that they love to pursue, whether it be books, music, sports, travelling, or some other activity. Although everyone is passionate about something different - think aboutcommunicating the concept of that passion rather than the activity that actually excites you. Concepts such as delayed gratification, or persistence are great to tie in with communicating your passion.

Memories and experiences

Sometimes it can be so easy to just let moments just quickly slip past. So often we look back with regret and think about what we could have done if we had that time again. Something I have tried to do for myself is to pause for a second while in the moment, and think ahead to imagine what I would do if I was looking back on the present. Just by stopping to think, "if I could come back to this moment from the future, what would I do to make it better?" can be a great way of reminding yourself to get the very most out of those slices of life that we will cherish so much later on.


Travelling to a new place and being around new surroundings will often affect our thoughts and perspective, whether we realise it or not. Letting your kids experience different places can involve travelling and staying places together. Even if a destination is somewhat mundane, the journey will always a dynamic experience, filled with changing scenery, people, sounds, and unique smells and emotions. For me, dusk was somehow an incredibly exciting time when we were out camping or travelling - probably because it was the time that I most tied to routine. 


Just realizing how many different peoples' thoughts were contained within the walls of our local library was something that made books such an important part of my life. For some, it may be great films, comics, or maybe even musicals is that inpires and excites them. Whatever that special media is, introducing your kids is like planting a seed. It can last a lifetime and take them on an amazing adventure.