1. Setting your margins. This is a simple process that can be done in no time. If you are using Microsoft Word go under the page layout tab on click on the drop down arrow under margins.  For APA style papers you would set all of your margins to one inch.
  2. Spacing is an absolute must. Please double space in your title page, block quotes, references and between paragraphs. A good hot key to use if you are using Microsoft Word is CTRL 2. It will put those double spaces for you automatically.
  3. Use the proper Font. Two that are acceptable fonts for APA style papers are 12-point Times Roman and Courier. Any other fonts are unacceptable and you will be marked off for this on your paper
  4. Headings are important. This tells the professor the name of your paper and what it is about. There are two headings for APA papers. The page header for all the pages in your paper and the Running Head. Although it is required on most APA papers your instructor may not require it however it is very simple to create. If you are using Microsoft Word you can click the insert button and select Header. You will have the options to select different choices. The heading for all pages should always be to the right of your paper. A good hot key to use is CTRL R. This will align your heading flush right. The Running heading title must be typed in all cap letters. For example, if you were writing a paper on Cultural Diversity. You would put RUNNING HEAD: CULTURAL DIVERSITY. The running head needs to align flush left.
  5. In-text citations are one of the most important tips on this tip sheet. It is a must that you correctly quote and cite your sources for someone else’s work. You do not want to be accused of plagiarizing.  If you are put in a direct quote from the internet or a book if it is less than 40 words put the quote in quotation marks. Your citation will go in parenthesis.  If you are quoting more than 40 words you will need to put your quote in a block indent formation one-half inch from the left margin.

 These tips are very important and should be implemented in all papers that you would write APA style but they by far do not cover all the useful information you will need to write your paper.

 The APA manual by American Psychology Association is the original book that provides you with all the tools to write a successful paper. This is the book I used when I was working on my MBA and it helped me a lot. Do not look at other books that claim to show how to write in APA format. Use the one that was written for and by the originators of this style of formatting.