A Little Bit About Me

Hi there everybody! My name is Kevin and I am wanting to share my knowledge on how to save money! My parents never told me how hard it would be to earn money let alone save money! So I want to spread my knowledge and plant the seeds of making a bright future for other people!

Tip #1

Thrift Stores

Thrift store
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Hit up those thrift stores! Most of the clothes that thrift stores have are typically gently used and are at a way lower price than your Abercombie, American Eagle and Pink (just to name a few.) Thrift stores also have a wide variety of clothes and typically have multiple sizes and styles of whatever you are looking for. Thrift stores definitely beat the marked up prices of the mainstream clothing companies!

Tip #2

Redbox & $2 Theaters

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I love to watch movies but with how the economy is and movie tickets around $11, I highly suggest either waiting for that movie to be shown in the $2 theatres or wait for redbox! But if you simply cannot wait to see the new movie, then I suggest going in the morning for matinee because then it is only $6 or about $6.50!

Tip #3

Cooking at Home

Credit: http://www.heartlandlodge.com/publisher/General-Resort-Blog/2012/5/25/Taste-A-Bit-of-History-with-Home-Cooked-Meals

I myself love to go out and eat at restaurants but with having a low budget I realized that I can buy some good steak, salad, potatoes and some vegetables from the store at a much less expensive price than restaurants and then that dinner you even make can lead over into the next few days if you buy a big amount of food! But don’t let me narrow down your variety of food buy whatever you want, because it will be less expensive than restaurants since it isn’t marked up for restaurants to make a big profit.

Tip #4

Ebay & Amazon

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If you are looking for something “new” to buy (such as electronics, bedding, accessories, shoes, chairs) ebay and amazon have awesome deal programs! I have bought brand new headphones that are typically $200, for $85! That is a whopping savings of $115! Along with that, they also tend to have free standard shipping which saves you about an extra $5!

Tip #5

Budget Plan

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Create a budget plan! Budget plans are so important to be able to make the most bang for your buck! With creating a budget plan you have not only watch how much you are spending but you can come up with realistic goals for how to save more money! I have had multiple apps for my iPhone such as Mint, Easy Envelope, and Pageonce, my personal favorite is Mint because it gives you email updates and is very user friendly! (You can create limits, has a live feed for your bank accounts, and gives you alerts as soon as you went over a limit or about to reach that limit)

Have a great Day!

Thank you so much for reading this article and I hope these 5 tips can help give you some financial peace and allow you to prosper! 

From your pal,

Kevin :)