Making money online always come out to be an inviting optTaking online surveysCredit: for everyone. Be it a full-time employee or a stay home mom or a student, online money emerges as an additional source of income. Taking surveys pay you very well if you can provide sincere honest opinions on a company’s product or services.  You may come across a plethora of survey sites while you browse over, but all of them may not send you enough surveys to get paid. Also they may demand money for joining, which is not required for taking online surveys.

I used to take surveys whenever I needed some instant money. Even if I registered with a lot of survey sites, a few of them only sent me surveys that were worth. Others just wanted to participate for the purpose of entering names in their monthly draws. I’ve never ever won such a lucky or random draw and I stopped participating in them. But some survey sites regularly sent me 2 to 3 surveys per week with a handsome remuneration and I succeeded in completing them. These survey sites that I suggest are legit according to my own personal experience and I recommend them for you. They are free to register and you don’t have to spend even a single penny to take their surveys.

1. Global Test Market

Global market research pays people for their valid and truthful opinions on the products of various companies across the globe. Global Test Market survey site is designed for thiGlobaltestmarket(107346)s purpose and it helps its partners (top companies) develop their products and services through online surveys. Founded in 1999, Global Test Market is powered by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc), one of the world's leading providers of market research. GMI serves more than 1400 clients in more than 60 countries worldwide according to their statistics.

Only your insight and opinion on the product or service of a company will be shared for which you’re rewarded. Your contact information or personal details will be kept secret and you’ll never be the target of any marketing messages by joining this site. For each survey you complete successfully, the reward will be added to your account. Global Test Market rewards market points for each of its surveys and upon reaching the minimum threshold of 1000 points, the survey taker can redeem his points in the form of cash. Each market point has a value of 0.05$.

2. ESearch

Companies worldwide rely on the input from panel members every day. By joining this site, you will be among the elite few that steer the growth of companies all along. Your opinions will count for the development of the next generation products and services., Inc. started on-line market research since 1995. The compESearchany was one of the first to develop an online research panel and it continues to be one of the best. From food items to political scandals, panelists of Esearch can provide their own view points. You’ve got the exclusive right in shaping the dimensions of any product such as candies, electric appliances, phone call services and all others that influence your daily life. Esearch sends lengthy surveys of your interest that reward high. Also it is very prompt in making its payments as far as I’m concerned.

3. Surveyhead

This is another survey site that pays cash for your honest opinions on the products and services you use. Reward options include gift cards of great brands like Amazon and iTunes, magazine subscriptions, virtual currency for games like FarmvilleSurveyhead and charitable donations.  Surveyhead even gives $5 just for signing up and verifying email address too. You’ll have to complete each profile surveys after that for getting high valued surveys in your inbox. Surveyhead has always in stock a low valued survey of $0.75 each day to complete.  After reaching the minimum threshold of 25$ you can claim for a payout.

4. Aip Online Surveys

AIP Corporation, called AIP serves business organizAIP online surveys(107351)ations and entities from all over the world, primarily from Europe, the U.S. and Asia. AIP surveys call for your voices and they will be delivered and aggregated for the development of better products and services.

After registering as a member of AIP and responding to online surveys from your "My Page", you will be rewarded with EPoints. Accumulated EPoints can later be redeemed for cash or online gift vouchers.

5. Valued Opinions                 

Valued Opinions is owned by Research Now, a leading online fieldwork and panel specialist working globally. Valued Opinions rewards you in the form of ticket compliments or coupons for taking part in market research surveys. This panel is made up of a select group of experts from diverse backgrounds, all of whom share a desire to both help improve the outlook of their industries and to enhance the development of consumer products and services.


Some tips for successful completion of surveys for survey participants

Even if taking surveys seem to be an easy task, they’re not like that. Depending upon its value, the questionnaire would change. If you’re going to attempt a high valued survey, the questions may cover almost all angles of the topic. You need to know almost all aspects of the product or the topic for making satisfactory answers. If you fail to provide the right input or if some of your answers fall contrary to what you’ve answered earlier, the questioner would close the survey in the middle, disqualifying you. Here’re some tips that I hope may be beneficial for you.

  1. Don’t be panic after you start. Hurrying and panicking may cause mistakes and the survey would be cut off in the middle.
  2. Never ever give the questioners a feeling of suspicion, as they’ve to take wise decisions in transforming the product the way consumers expect.
  3. If the survey is too lengthy, be patient and answer it trying your best. Patience is the key to success.
  4. Wait till you get the confirmation message that you’ve successfully completed the survey. Check your account whether it got updated.
  5. Some surveys cause redirection issues and your points would not get added to your account. In that case, email the support team stating the details of the survey you took. If you don’t get a reply, check for alternate contact id in that site and email. They may respond and take favorable actions.