If you are a cheapskate and want to save money by not wasting it on a Halloween costume then here are 5 ultra cheap Halloween costumes.

Cheap Lei. Buy a cheap Lei at the dollar store and wear it with your regular clothes to the Halloween party. When people ask what you are you can tell them that you are a "Cheap Lei"!

Winter Coat. Put on a heavy winter coat over all of your clothes. When people ask what you are suppose to be you can tell them that you are a nudist on vacation. Wearing a coat you already own is an ultra cheap Halloween costume.

Sharpie. Take a Sharpie or other type of black marker and color around one or both eyes. If you color one eye you can be a domestic violence victim and if you color both eyes you can be a raccoon. Sharpies are great for helping you create a simple yet ultra cheap Halloween costume.

Sexy Gold Panner. Dress up sexy like they did in the 1800's and carry a gold pan. When people ask what you are you can tell them you are a "49er 69er".

Skinny BBW. If you are a plump woman then dress in tight clothing and then at the Halloween party you can walk around and call all the skinny girls fat. You can say your costume is large and in charge.

Ultra Cheap Halloween Costume

When deciding to go ultra cheap on your costume for the Halloween party it does not matter how cheap or stupid your Halloween outfit idea is. By the end of the night 3/4 of everyone at the party will be drunk and not know the difference.

There is no need to spend a lot of money on a Halloween costume that you will only wear one time. If you simply have to win the Halloween outfit contest then go ahead and buy an extravagant Halloween outfit. The odds are that the lady who comes wearing one of the ultra cheap costume ideas will be remembered better than the person who spent a lot of money on their costume.

When it comes to ultra cheap Halloween costumes be unique and original. Use what items you already own and you can save even more money than if you went to the dollar store.

Halloween is suppose to be a fun time and not a time to waste money so come up with a unique and original idea and have some fun with it. No matter how simple your ultra cheap costume is you will still have fun at the Halloween party.

Ultra Cheap Halloween costumes sometimes border on the edge of sanity but if the people at the costume party understand who you really are then everybody will enjoy your costume.

Save money by making your own ultra cheap Halloween costume and spend the money you saved on more important Halloween items such as candy bars, apples, and fake razor blades with blood all over them.