There are hundreds of ways of making money online.But you should go for those online money making methods which are proved to be credible.Many of the websites that offer you money online are fake.Here are a few ones which are there for a long time and proved to be genuine.

If you have a blog and you are good at writing you can follow the below methods for making money online.

1.Publishing ads in your blog.

Publishing ads in your blogs is the most poular way of making money online.There are many sites that offer contextual as well as non contextual ads.Google adsense,Yahoo publisher network are the prominent ones.There are many other small players like Chitika,Kontera,textlink ads etc.Also you can use ebay,amazon etc. The earnings can vary from a few cents a click to a few dollars.

2.Write sponsored reviews in your blog.

You can write reviews about a product or company in your blog.The advertser will pay you for the review based on your blog popularity.You can get the review offers by registering on these sites.Pay per post,Sponsored reviews,Review me,Smorty,link worth,Bloggitive are to name a few.

Even if you don't have blog,You can make money online by writing.

3.Publishing articles on sites.

Helium, Associated content,eHow,hubpages are a few sites where you can submit your articles. The site will review your article and you will be paid based on a number of factors such as page views,click on ads etc.Sites like associated content gives you $3 to $6 per article upfront.

4 Write on news sites

If you are interested in news events and follow news regularly,you can make money by writing news for sites like Digital journal,Brijit,groundreport etc.Digital journal pays you based on the number of votes your article gets.Brijit gives you a flat $5 for the abstract news article you submit.

5.Taking paid surveys online

Many sites are there who offer money online for taking surveys,filling forms online etc.I don't have that much experience with taking surveys but its a good money making idea.