5 ways to get past a Relationship Breakup
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5 Ways to get past a Relationship Breakup

     You used to love him or her. Now the very thought of them makes you a ball of mixed emotions. Sadness, anger, maybe even rage or numbness are some of the emotions that you feel. Maybe you feel this unimaginable pain like you’ve never felt before. You need to get past this point of emotional instability and spend time pushing yourself into healthy activities no matter how much you may want to hideaway. Life still goes on and you have to continue to live and fullfill your dreams.

      Reflect on the relationship as a learning experience.  It's ok for reflection, but the last thing you want to do is get depressed. So even though it’s necessary to think about where things went wrong, don’t become obsessed with finding fault with the other person. Look at what part you contributed to the end of the relationship and don’t look to blame everything that went wrong on the other person. If you think there were mistakes that you made in the realtionship, you can look forward and improve on them. Don't beat yourself up, or spend time trying to figure out what went wrong.

     Take the time to strengthen your relationship with God or strengthen your spirituality.You may definitely feel stressed so, think before you act to relieve your stress. Is what your choosing to do a temporary form of relief or something that will be good for you long-term. Take a walk in the park, do lots of deep breathing and get lots of fresh air. You may become tempted to stay inside and mope, but remember. This time will pass and sitting in one spot will only leave an opening of depression into your life.

      Get organized, and get into some new activities. You will meet new people and gain new experiences.Try not to spend too much time alone. Make sure you have a support network of friends to speak with occasionally. You don't have to continue living the breakup experience, just talking to others and staying busy is important.

      Don’t spend your time thinking of revenge and getting back at your ex about what you feel was wrong. This will not give you the healing that you need to get past this situation. It will only further the pain and build bitterness.

      Just accept that it’s over  and make no attempts to call, text, or go to visit the other person. Before it came this point, maybe you both knew there were problems in the relationship and continued to make attempts to work through them. Some things are irreparable once the damage is done. It looks like this is as far as you two can make it together.

Don’t send hate mail. If your partner sends hate mail, don’t respond. Maybe it’s best to let the person vent and do not add fuel to the fire by sending combative words in return. It's very difficult to dictate how someone will behave after a breakup. The most important thing is to continue to stay positive despite the circumstances.