Writing for eHow is an easy way to make money online and can potentially be a passive income stream. Many people use eHow to generate some extra spending money while a lucky few are able to generate over $1000 a month! Chances are if you're currently writing for eHow, or if you wrote for them in the past, you would like to make more money from eHow. Here are five easy steps that can increase the money you make from eHow.

1. Write more articles. This sounds obvious but it's true. Articles tend to have a ramping period and even the best promoted articles take a while to generate passive income. This is because it takes a while to be indexed by the search engines (although Google does a good job indexing eHow articles) and even once an articles indexed and receiving traffic, you have to have some relevant ads otherwise no one is going to click on them.

2. Speaking of relevant ads, the next way is to optimize your article to make it easier to get better, more relevant ads. This includes spending some time in the intro section discussing what the article is about. If you just include one sentence, such as "Finding stamps is difficult and this article will show you how" there's a little bit of ambiguity. Are we talking about collector's stamps, postage stamps, or custom stamping stamps. However, if we try "Stamping is an enjoyable hobby that is great for cardmaking, scrap booking and other paper crafts. Sometimes finding just the right stamp is difficult but in this article we'll cover how to select an appropriate stamp depending on the occasion". Obviously the second one is more descriptive. I know this is a bit of an exaggeration (and it's made worse because I know nothing about craft stamping) but the point is that when the advertising bot is looking at the content it has to figure out what you're talking about. If it has a hard time you're going to get useless ads and no one will click on them (and you get no money)

3. Keyword Research. If you want to get a lot of traffic (and usually a lot of traffic means a lot of money) you'll need to write about something that people are searching for. A great tool to use is google's keyword tool which shows you how many searches were done last month for a particular keyword. While you're there take a look at the CPC (or cost per click) of those keywords. This is an estimated value of what the advertiser will pay once you click on the ad. The higher this value is the more you'll get paid (just don't expect it to be the same, both google and eHow take a cut)

4. Article Promotion. Once an article has been accepted by eHow, it will slowly gain traffic naturally. However, the best way to increase this traffic is by giving it a little nudge with several tools available across the internet. There are several social bookmarking tools (stumbleupon, digg, delicious) that allow you to promote articles and websites you find interesting. You have to be extremely careful about only promoting one set of sites because this violates their terms of service, but if you are excited by your articles and want to share them you can do so along with other sites that you want to promote. Another way to promote your eHow articles is to put them on your social networking sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. Finally, if you have a blog you can link to them from there. Or better yet, find a blog that talks about what you wrote your eHow article on and do a guest post. Most blogs would welcome the reprieve from writing and you get a chance to promote your article and siphon some traffic

5. Include affiliate links to products in the link section. Because eHow doesn't allow links in the content of the article, you'll have to place all of your links to products at the end. Just include the html address (don't forget to check if your affiliate code is in the link) in the address section and a helpful description in the link text section. Try and think of products that are related to what you were referring to in the article. So for my example in section 2, look for rubber stamping kits or perhaps hobby or craft stores that you can become an affiliate for.

By implementing these five techniques you should be able to make more money from your eHow articles. The most important thing is that you don't give up and keep writing. If you get bored or frustrated with eHow there's always other article sites out there (like infobarrel)