Making Money Off Your Website

Are you able to create original and engaging content for your website? The next step to make money online is learning how to monetize that content and make money from your website. There are many ways to make money from a website that don't depend on you actively doing anything apart from writing, and the amount of money you make with them will depend on your audience, your traffic and the engagement level of your readers. Everything starts with great blog content, of course. But if you already have that the following ideas may help you make money off your blog:

Place AdSense ads on Your Blog

The first and easiest way of making money from your blog or website is to place ads on it. Pay Per Click (PPC) programs such as Google Adsense are available even for small sites without much traffic, as long as you comply with their ToS and Content Guidelines. But Google AdSense isn't the only ad revenue program available. Chitika and Adbrite can also be used, and some audiences react better to specific style of ads. The more established your website is, and the higher the monthly traffic, the larger the availability of higher paying advertising programs and profit potential. You will need large amounts of traffic to make a steady profit, but this is a truly passive way of making money online.

Recommend Affiliate Products

Many vendors pay their affiliates a percentage of each sale coming from their website. There are many affiliate platforms that you can join, from Google Affiliates to Shareasale or Comission Junction, so shop around for products you feel comfortable recommending to your loyal audience. Getting started with affiliate marketing is within reach of anybody who knows how to write engaging articles about good quality products, but maximising your income from affiliate marketing will often require a good deal of research and optimisation of your own site. Many people won't click on your affiliate links if it feels like you are just recommending that product because you are being paid to do it, so be careful with the tone of your posts. Building trust is key to successful affiliate marketing.

Create a Mailing List To Sell To

An alternative to making your website sound like an informercial for affiliate products is creating a mailing list and using it to sell affiliate products to your subscribers. People are often more likely to click on an affiliate link if it arrives wrapped on a newsletter, and having them on a mailing list allows you to recommend your affiliate products several times. While many people won't buy something if it's the first time they hear of it, they are more likely to buy later on, after you have recommended it several times as a person they trust. Creating a mailing list for marketing is not very difficult, but you'll need to make sure you are providing value or people will unsubscribe quick.

Sell Blog Posts

There are entire marketplaces dedicated to put in touch advertisers with bloggers willing to cover an event or product launch, or write an article about a promotion they are running. Is this dishonest? Well, it depends on what you actually write about. Covering an event for a popular brand and creating content that suits your audience, and being paid for it, it's usually great. Writing content that sounds like advertisement and it's on totally unrelated topics is not so great, and your audience will vote, with their feet. Take a look at sites such as SocialSpark if you are interested in sponsored blog posts.

Write And Sell An Ebook

If you have a lot of content and you know what subjects your audience is interested in you could write an eBook and sell it through marketplaces like Amazon Kindle or Smashbooks, or even your own website. With some extra content and a good rewriting and organisation of the information, you can create another passive revenue stream from the research you already made to build your website. You can either sell your eBook, place affiliate links on it or offer it as an incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list.