Kelley’s Bluebook has been the industry standard for reselling autos for years. A quick trip to their website makes it clear that they do not currently rate 5th wheel values. Luckily, there are many other ways to determine the resale value of your 5th wheel RV. Here are some great places to help you find the value of your fifth wheel.

The Trades

These free newsprint magazines can be found at nearly any gas station. Some are dedicated solely to RVs and RV accessories. If you have a truck stop nearby (or drive past one), make sure to stop and pick up all of these auto trade magazines. Flip through and find all examples that are similar to your own 5th wheel. The main comparable you want to pay attention to is mileage. Even if you find different models, they could be comparable to your own if they have similar features and mileage. Keep in mind, you are discovering a good range, not an exact sale price.


Don’t use Ebay to buy or sell your fifth wheel, just visit to help you get an understanding of some of the lower offers being made for these RV units. The prices you see on Ebay are not typical of the market but will give you a good idea of some very low offers. This research can be used as a baseline.

The prices you find on this website will give you a higher bar for your resale. Here you will find a very large selection and it likely you will find your exact year and model. Keep seeking out prices for comparable models to get a larger sample size. Another website you can use to help you find the value of your 5th wheel is This site also offers a large selection to choose from. It is recommended that you use both of these sites to help you get a more narrow figure for your resale.

Compile Your Data

Using these three sources will give you a great ballpark for the value of your 5th wheel. Use Ebay as the lowest determiner, prices you find in the trade papers will be your middle ground. The websites I mentioned will be the higher end value of your RV. Keep a physical, written list of these prices that people are asking. If possible, visit some of the dealer lots that are selling used models to see firsthand what conditions are commanding what prices. After you’ve done your research you will be able to enter into negotiations confident that youwill get the right price for your 5th wheel.

5th Wheel RV
Credit: NCReedplayer