It Might Get Crowded

Celebrating a person's 60th birthday usually means you're headed to a big event. If the guest-of-honor has a large family, then all those people (along with extended members) will join in and celebrate alongside. Some people go to a classy restaurant, or maybe have a caterer serve dishes at a rental facility. It could be a formal event, or casual with everyone huddled up in their home. There are also plenty of themes that you can choose from to make this event a bit more entertaining. But whatever route you decide to take for a person's 60th birthday party, you'll need invitations that fit the theme, and will convey to the recipients what kind of event this is going to be.

Make it Formal

Of course, if you're going the formal route, something simple and to the point is always the best way to go. There is invitation creating software available to you so you can put your personal touches to an invitation making the event unique. You'd decorate it maybe with photos of wine glasses or something that represents class and refinement and have formal wording to invite the recipient to the party. You could also find 60th birthday invitations over at Zazzle's website, they allow you to personalize the various invitation designs they have to offer.

Save Money on Invites

60th birthday invitations can even be sent digitally with email. If you were unsure of the address of one of the people you wanted to invite, or if you wanted to save money, Evite allows you to send free invitations to various email addresses at no cost to you. If everyone at the party has an email account, this would probably be the best way as you wouldn't need to spend any money. If you were planning a huge 60th birthday party, you'd want to find as many areas as you can to cut down on costs. And if you plan on inviting a large crowd to the event, saving money on invitations would definitely help. You'd be able to point your funds toward areas that are needed. Whether you want more decorations, need money for food if catering or could use the extra cash if renting out a venue, instead of purchase invitations that'll be thrown away later, sending them via email is a more affordable and practical option.

60th birthday invitationCredit: amazon

Thematic Invites

Usually, you'd have information like dress code, time, location and a theme if any were chosen. As far as 60th birthday party invitation wording is concerned, you'd want to incorporate whichever theme, if chosen, into the invitation. If the gentleman is a big Elvis fan and so is celebrating with an Elvis theme, then maybe having an area on the invitation with lyrics of one of his favorite song, or something fitting to the occasion like "A Big Hunk O Love" as a preface to the actual invite will do:

"Hey baby, I ain't askin' much of you
No no no no no no no no baby, I ain't askin' much of you
Just a big-a big-a hunk o'l love will do"

You can transport people back into the golden age of rock n' roll, getting them excited about the Jailhouse Rock themed party you're throwing. Additionally, exciting themes to a party will inspire anticipating guests into getting awesome 60th birthday gift ideas for men if they weren't aware of the guest-of-honor's love of Elvis .

The Perfect Invitation

Finding, or creating, the best 60th birthday invitation is not a difficult thing to achieve. Just doing a bit of research and implementing smart shopping skills will help you find the best price, or if creating your own, the best wording possible. Whether you want to save money on an extravagant 60th birthday party, or you want to convey the theme of the event in the best way possible, there are a variety of invitations that'll help you achieve your goal.