Need to Find Cheap Xmas Presents for Adults?

Here are Dozens of Christmas Ideas that Won't Blow Your Budget

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In today’s economy, money worries and lack of savings are typical financial concerns, yet many people continue to overspend during the holidays. For many individuals, Christmas gifts and decorations mean the monthly bills go unpaid. In fact, some families even find themselves in debt, come January, because after all of the sacrifices they’ve made throughout the year, they now feel they deserve to have a large, expensive Christmas.

Even for those who have no wiggle room to overspend, impulse buying can be a problem. Stores design their holiday displays and Christmas deals to convince you that you need their product or services in order to have a memorable Christmas. They entice you with the familiar holiday smells of cinnamon and spice, wow you with extravagant centerpieces and adorable wreaths, and convince you that if you love that special someone, you really need to spend more money than you had planned. After all, Christmas gifts under 10 dollars will make you look cheap and uncaring.

Before you realize it, you’ve blown your budget and will have to spend the next several months trying to repair the damage. However, that only sets you up for the same thing to happen all over again next year. If money is tight, you don’t have to let this year’s marketing tricks get the best of you. Instead, you can take a moment to figure out exactly how much money you can afford to spend, and then do everything in your power to stick with that plan.

Limited funds doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring, ugly Christmas. It just means you have to pull out your own bag of tricks and use them to discover affordable gifts that your special someone or co-worker will appreciate and enjoy. Even if you’re looking for Christmas gifts under 10 dollars, you can still have a fantastic holiday. All it takes is a little know-how and creativity.

Focus on Hobbies, Personalized Gifts, and Collectibles

To find the best holiday gifts for less than 10 dollars, you need to first consider the likes, dislikes, and interests of the person you want to buy the gift for. When you go with a category they are particularly fond of, it won’t matter how much the gift costs.

Someone who loves to cook will always appreciate kitchen gadgets, kitchen utensils, or BBQ supplies. Someone who loves to hunt or fish will swoon over tackle boxes, divider trays, and specialized clothing and accessories. Those who love to collect things such as dragons or stamps will go crazy knowing you are zeroing in on what’s important to them.

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Sit down and take a few minutes to brainstorm what you know about each of those on your Christmas gift list. Whether they are friends, co-workers, or family members, most folks have some type of hobby or collection you can tap into. Tapping into those resources will give you many ideas for Christmas gifts under 10 dollars.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself about each person might be:

  • Does this person draw, scrapbook, sew, make homemade crafts, bake, go camping and fishing, or build things? 
  • Does this person collect recipes or cookbooks, DVDs, tools, assorted figurines, paperback novels, sports items, kitchen gadgets, wine, perfume, or rare coins? 
  • What is their favorite color and decorating style?
  • Is this a homebody who prefers to read, search the internet, and watch television or DVDs? Or is this a person who lives an active lifestyle? 
  • Is this person involved in community activities?
  • Do they work long hours, or take special classes?
  • Does this person play a sport?
  • Is this person involved in furthering their education?
  • Is this person on a specialized diet?
  • Do they have any health issues?

The more you know a person, the easier it will be to find an affordable Christmas gift. Regardless of how small the gift or collectible is, people love things that add to their collections, help them with their hobbies and activities, or are personalized in some way. If the cheap Xmas gift touches on the person’s likes and interests, the present will be appreciated, even if the gift costs less than 10 dollars.

65 Affordable Christmas Gifts Under 10 Dollars

Affordable Christmas gifts will be easier to spot with a personalized list of the person’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and collectibles, so make sure you have a concrete list with you when you shop. However, finding a cheap Christmas gift idea for less than 10 dollars will still require a bit of legwork and sometimes a touch of creativity.

Try to make good use of stores that cater to those on a limited budget. You can find many worthy gift ideas at Walmart, Big Lots, Shopko, Pick ‘N Save, K-Mart, and other discount and dollar stores, but don’t forget about the many possibilities that are online either. Large product companies such as Amazon have free shipping deals when your order comes to a certain dollar amount. If you buy most of your Christmas gifts at the same website, you can often get a good deal on shipping from smaller online companies as well.

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Just make sure that you fine-tune your gift idea to fit the person’s personality. Someone who doesn’t like to bake won’t appreciate a decorative loaf pan, and probably will never use it. But a non-baker would enjoy a loaf of homemade potato bread or banana bread, and a couple jars of homemade strawberry or blackberry jam, if you use a simple, plain loaf pan wrapped in a bow to hold it.

In addition to collectibles and hobby supplies, consider the following ideas for Christmas gifts:

1. an accented or braided rug
2. fancy hair clips or hair ties
3. winter knit hats and scarves
4. paperback novel from the person’s favorite author
5. homemade decorative bookmark
6. reading lamp or desk lamp
7. decorative candles or candle gift set
8. decorative pillows or travel pillow
9. photo album (can cover a cheap album with fabric and trim)
10. welcome door mat
11. house socks or slippers 
12. holiday socks

13. kitchen or wall clock
14. gravy boat set
15. unique salt and pepper shakers
16. fancy serving bowls
17. graniteware turkey or beef roaster 
18. plastic containers shaped to hold sandwiches
19. Rubbermaid containers with a twist-on lid (fill with Kisses or M&Ms)
20. small non-stick frying pan 
21. small non-stick griddle pan 
22. Anchor Hocking casseroles set 
23. single Pyrex casserole 
24. microwave cookware: bacon plate, casseroles, egg mcmuffin pan, egg cooker

25. decorative containers for flour and sugar or gluten-free supplies
26. kitchen gadgets like a food chopper, cookie press, or container of assorted utensils
27. decorative plastic bag holder
28. cake decorating kit
29. super-large cookie sheet or novelty cookie sheets (cookie molds)
30. unique cookie cutters
31. 3-piece stackable cookie cooling rack
32. serving platters (top with assorted baked goods)
33. designer cake pans
34. bbq utensil set
35. snow globe (some allow you to put a picture instead of them)
36. unique hot cocoa or coffee mug

37. unique picture frames (Walmart has frames: “Love,” “Too Cute,” or “The Gang”)
38. Christmas sock filled with goodies the person is particularly fond of
39. various bath, hair, and skin gift sets
40. food gift sets like sausages and cheese, pancake mix and jam, or hot cocoa and mug
41. homemade food gifts such as a sweet roll, cake roll, or fancy bread
42. homemade cupcakes decorated with candies or chopped nuts
43. assorted chocolates or candy
44. statues of dragons or other figurines
45. baseball cards, magic cards, or other collectibles
46. gluten-free hair products, skin products, or make up
47. swimming pool items
48. VCR or DVD movies can often be found for $5 to $10

49. kitchen towels and hot pads
50. coasters for drinks
51. mouse pad, blank DVDs, or other computer accessories
52. bird feeder
53. decorated plant container
54. organizer caddy made for office supplies, make up, or bathroom supplies
55. instant read thermometer for BBQ meats
56. shish kebab set or a variety of stainless steel skewers
57. marinade injector
58. BBQ spatulas or holding forks
59. variety of garden seeds or garden hand tools
60. exercise bands, jump ropes, weight-lifting gloves

61. stainless steel hook remover (for fishing)
62. multitool device (wrench, screwdriver, pliers, and more in a single tool)
63. homemade gift baskets (chocolates or other candy, fruit and nuts, or gluten free)
64. homemade Christmas tree ornament
65. decorative stationery or blank recipe cards

Homemade Christmas Gifts Cut Costs

Store-purchased Christmas presents aren't the only way to cut costs during the holidays. Making your own gifts can save you a lot of money. Plus, the effort involved always seems to impress those you give the gift to. While a box of leftover, cloth scraps can make an economical, creative holiday wreath for Christmas decorations or personalized gifts, sometimes a little vision is all you need to come up with something totally different.

Many options don't require you to have an artistic flair. They just require the ability to use every day items in a new, unique way. In the following video, character Nancy Nails shows you how to make a candle holder out of an old wine glass for less than 10 dollars.

How to Make a Candle Holder Out of an Old Wine Glass

Nancy Nails

Additional Inexpensive Christmas Ideas

The best way to keep Christmas affordable is to stay aware of what the marketing folks are doing, so you don't find yourself absentmindedly giving in to their ploys. It's all about possibilities. 

For example, author Teri Cettina in an article she wrote for the Ladies Home Journal recommended readers take advantage of the companies that offer discounted gift cards for sell, but use them in a different way. Rather than giving the card to that special someone or co-worker, you can use each card yourself to purchase several inexpensive Christmas gifts.[2] That can help you stay with your budget, and give you a better opportunity to fine-tune your gifts.

Creative Gift Wrapping is Important For Simple GiftsCredit:

Although homemade food gifts, crafts, and practical items will be appreciated by co-workers and teachers alike, the gift wrapping should also be considered. Thoughtful wrappings and decorative trims can really perk up a plain gift, turning it into something special and memorable. Don’t forget to utilize:

  • small kitchen gadgets or bag clips
  • various craft or sewing supplies
  • artificial plants or greenery
  • scented or miniature pine cones
  • miniature Christmas tree decorations
  • fancy stamps or stickers
  • different types of glitter
  • construction paper cut outs
  • bits of lace or fancy buttons
  • old Christmas cards

All of which can be purchased from the dollar store.

Creative Trim Can Be Purchased From the Dollar StoreCredit:

Above all, the best ideas for Christmas gifts focus on the person receiving the gift. Holiday gifts do not have to be unique to be appreciated. They can also be items the receiver will find useful. When you use that special someone’s hobbies, collections, and interests to help you find the perfect gift, it’s possible to buy Christmas gifts for less than 10 dollars that won’t make the receiver feel like they’re getting a cheap Xmas present.