It is always interesting that how and why people make their food choices while they are in grocery stores, food marts, or even restaurants. The first and foremost reason that can come in mind is the taste and smell of the food. Yet, there are other fascinating reasons which intertwine in such manner to one's lifestyle that they rarely realize that how important they can be while making a food choice.

1. Comfort: Mostly people are going to buy the food which gives more comfort to their body and brain. Food that has distinctive smell or taste which arouses the urge in one's brain to have that particular food. The different flavors and their unique aroma like spicy, sweet, salty, and sour can easily affect one's decision of buying food.

2. Culture: The food choice can be related with the cultural background that one might be coming from. People would buy certain food because that's what they have been eating from their childhood. One's culture, their values, beliefs, and customs plays huge role in their decision of choosing food. It's the food that represents their culture and what they believe in.

3. Company: While buying food whether at grocery store or at restaurant can be very well influenced by the people around. People tend to change their decision while they are with someone else's company. If they are with people who are very conscious about what they eat, then they would get something healthier. In other case, if they are with their friends for fun evening, the night can end up with pizzas, fry food, and cold beverages.

4. Calories: People have become more knowledgeable about what they are eating and how much they are eating. Now days, many people seems to be very careful about the food portion and zero or less calories food. People do take some time to look in to the nutritional values of the food. They do take in to consideration about what the food has to offer when it comes to not only calories but also vitamins, minerals, and protein.

5. Curiosity: Human mind is full of curiosity and questions. People tend to make decision based on the way food looks and smell. While walking around some grocery store, especially in the bakery or snacks section, the delicious looking/smelling bakery items or new flavor of chips can be hard to ignore. If something is not that appealing and doesn't have good aroma, people would not even like to try some even if it's free.

6. Cost: No matter what one says, but cost does matters while purchasing food. No wonder why people like to look in to the newspaper for any extra sales or coupons. There are range of vegetables and fruits which are pretty highly priced and are not suitable for the larger group of family or lower income people. So, the food choice would tend to be something which is cheaper and comes in bulks. At end of the day, one has to choose between convenience and cost.

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