Office attire doesn't have to be uncomfortable or difficult to care for. You can just find soft materials in traditional silhouettes that still fit within your dress code. Stores like Appleseed's and J. Jill carry casual work attire, such as:

1. Button Down Shirts

Button down shirts are office staples. You can make the look less formal with subtle details. You can show off your personality with fun ruffle or embroidery fronts. These can even feature the same fabric or thread color for more of a subtle look. You could roll up the cuffs to transition into warmer weather. Find shirts with a mandarin style collar. This is just a very simple crew neck style collar instead of traditional pointed versions. You could also try a denim button down shirt for casual Friday; just make it's still sleek by choosing a dark color with minimal fading and pearl buttons.

2. Sweater Jackets

You can find jackets that give you the comfort of a sweater and the silhouette of a traditional suit jacket. These probably won't have a lining and can feature wool or a quilted fabric. Pair the jacket with a more structured bottom like trousers or a pencil skirt. You can also define the shape by tying a simple ribbon around your waist or highlighting your outfit with a belt. Another option is to go with a soft fabric in a traditional shape. This would include velvet or corduroy.

3. Leather Coats

If you want to transition your personality into your work attire, then try a leather jacket. This is going to make a statement so wear it with a neutral top. You'll also want to go with a rich color that isn't too harsh, such as chocolate brown. A tweed pencil skirt, high heels and a leather handbag make the look seem more professional. You can also make it more feminine with a pink or purple sweater or blouse for balance.

4. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are a fun fall and winter trend. You'll need to make sure they aren't too tight. You can wear these dresses with boots or flats. Try out leggings or opaque tights for added coverage.

5. Cotton Trousers

Cotton trousers are easier to care for than wool versions. They're also lighter weight for the summertime and you might even be able to find machine washable versions. Lycra or spandex will add stretch and shine to the material. Keep it sophisticated with a basic navy, gray, black or chocolate color palette. This can also have the effect of a suit if you coordinate a jacket with it. This is an inexpensive fabric. When you experiment with different fabrics, it's important to keep the look sophisticated. A painless way to do this is with your jewelry. Gold chains and pearl earrings are neutral enough to wear with lots of different outfits.

6. Office Footwear

Shoes are a special consideration for comfortable office attire. For a trendy look, try lace up boots. Just wear them with more formal attire, and keep the material sophisticated, such as a leather or faux suede.