Make Your Own Household Cleaners

Your home, depending on the size can become costly to clean, but with Make your own Household Cleanerseveryday products already stored under the sink can be a very inexpensive way to get the job done.

Most of us already have ammonia, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, spray bottles, cloths, baking soda, toothbrushes, just laying around.  These can be combined with detergents and other additives to create a easy cheap cleanser.



Homemade Wall Cleaner

Keeping your walls nice and bright, can be done simply by making your own solutions, TSPbut make sure the paint can be washed before you begin.

What you need:

2 Teaspoons of TSP (Trisodium phosphate is a cleaning agent and degreaser in most Home Depot's)

3 parts water

1 part chlorine bleach

Apply the mixture with a sponge or soft brush, best to start from the bottom up,  rinse with a cloth damp with clean warm water.

Additionally you can grab a  wall cleaning sponge mop for larger walls. Dip, wring a bit and get to cleaning !

Homemade Silver Cutlery Cleaner

We all like nice shiny utensils, especially glossy silver ones.

What you need:

2 quarts of boiling water

1-2 teablespoons of baking soda
$.79 - 1.50

1 piece of aluminum foil


To remove tarnish, place a piece of aluminum foil into a plastic  container, then lay the tarnished item on top. 

Now sprinkle  with baking soda and cover with boling water, let  soak until the bubbling stops, then rinse and buff with a soft cloth. What happened is the tarnish is being dissolved and should transfer to the aluminum foil, afterwards discard the foil. 

You can use this on larger pieces too. Oh, how shiny and clean your silver looks, now.

Homemade Window and Glass Cleaner

The windows are one of the most important areas of the home that adds beauty,Clean Windows like this especially when they're  super clean.

What you need:

1 pint of rubbing alcohol

1/2 cup of soapy ammonia

Spray bottle

Using this solution cleans glass and streaks very well.  Mix enough water with the ammonia and rubbing alcohol to make a gallon.  Get out the spray bottle and. . . you guessed it. Start cleaning ! 


Homemade Furniture Cleaner

Getting home furnishings clean with your own concotion.

What you need:


Liquid Detergent
$1.00-3.00 (depending)

Spray bottle

Mix water and a bit of mild liquid detergent, put in a spray bottle, and spray mist onto furniture. No soaking is necessary, wipe over with a damp cloth and drying with lint-free cloth.

This cleaner also protects sealed wood furniture from light stains.