Classic bedding options help give an elegant look to your room and help tone down bold wall colors or accent ornate furniture. Stores like Domestications and Home Decorators Collection have many bedding options to choose from. Here are some classic bedding styles to consider.

1. Down Comforters

Down comforters come in different colors, but white is the most classic option. You can leave this as is or add a duvet. This will give you several options for pattern or color. When you want a more neutral look, you can just take off the duvet for neutral bedding. The stitching is going to be the main focal point so look for an interesting diamond or stripe pattern instead of traditional squares. This lends personality to a basic piece.

2. Quilts

Quilts work well for summertime. You can also just fold them at the end of your bed for a spot of color. This is always a staple in country decor. You can even incorporate bold turquoise or navy tones as long as it's a traditional patchwork design. Shabby chic and vintage styles use quilts too. In this case, you could just try out lighter shades of cream and pink. You can also mix in floral prints along with solid colors. For a French or traditional style, try a matelasse quilt which looks like sculpted fabric with different scroll shapes on it.

3. Comforter Sets

Comforter sets mix and match fabrics for a variety of patterns and colors. You'll need to find one with a lot of solid colored pieces so it's more classic. Elegant prints are also acceptable for this kind of design style such as florals, vines or scroll work. Look for a rope trim that adds elegance with a subtle gold color. You can also play around with texture. You can find a pleated bed skirt to add more interest to neutral colors.

4. Tone on Tone Sheets

If you buy high thread count sheets, you'll see a lot of tone on tone looks. This can include a stripe in the same color but two different finishes. It adds subtle pattern to your bedding ensemble. This can also be a bold color such as chocolate brown or black as long as the rest of your bedding is lighter.

5. Pillow Shams

Pillow shams fit over your pillows and are more elegant than a basic pillow case. You can use four pillow forms to add a luxurious element to the bed. Then, add in coordinating throw pillows. These can be from the bedding or living room section, as long as they're all in the same basic color palette. Just stick with basic square shapes and add in a round bolster for variation.

6. Bedspreads

Bedspreads are a different size than a comforter. A bedspread will go all the way to the ground. You can look for inexpensive knit or cotton fabrics to cut costs. Since this has such as a dramatic silhouette, make it more traditional with just a solid color of bedding. You can always add in patterns and different accent colors on your sheet sets and accent pillows.