The human body is responsible for some strange and peculiar things, however many people have wild misconceptions about many of its processes, In this article we will cover just 6 of them and explain what’s really going on.

Swallowed chewing gum takes seven years to digest

It is often stated that swallowed chewing gum takes up to seven years to digest in your stomach however this is not the case. Although it might be true that many pieces of gum swallowed in quick succession can cause a blocked digestive system in children (although is this extremely rare) the odd accidentally swallowed piece of gum will not get stuck.  It is accurate that chewing gum is indigestible, yet it will travel down your digestive track the usual way and end up in your toilet bowl in just a day or two.

Waking a sleep walker sends them into shock

While many believe waking sleepwalkers will give them a heart attack or send them into shock this is not true. Waking sleepwalkers will not cause them any harm and may even help prevent injury as sleepwalkers are prone to tripping and falling. Although the sleepwalker may feel slightly disoriented by finding themselves half way down the road and not tucked up in bed no long term effects will be caused.

Humans have five senses

Although is a common belief that humans only have five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing the actual number ranges from 9 to greater than 20. The traditional five senses were originally defined by Aristotle and since then up to 15 more have been documented. The main new senses are the sense of Balance and acceleration, Temperature, Kinesthetic sense, Pain and Time.

Cracking knuckles causes arthritis

It is commonly believed that cracking knuckles causes Arthritis however this has been extensively proven to not be the case. In A study of 215 people, some who regularly cracked there knuckles and some who did not, no link was drawn no matter how long they had cracked there knuckles. In fact one medical doctor by the name of Donald Unge cracked the knuckles of his left hand but not his right every day for over 60 years! Donald did not develop arthritis however he did win an Ig Nobel, a parody of the Nobel Prize.

Blood is blue in veins and only turns red when is leaves the body and becomes oxygenated

Human blood in veins is not blue, blood is always red. It is generally considered that when the blood becomes oxygenated is turns red however deoxygenated blood is dark red and oxygenated blood is light red, not blue. The myth probably comes from the blue appearance of veins through the skin, this phenomenon is likely caused by light scattering and human color perception.

Sugar causes hyper activity in children

It might be a good idea to keep your child away from sugar rich drinks for health reasons, but not to reduce hyper activity. Studies have shown no difference in behaviour of children given sugary drinks when compared to children given sugar free equivalent drinks, even if the child was previously considered sensitive to sugar.