Years ago, photos were a formal event where everyone gathered for a professional shot. Photos soon became popular through the use of prints, and cameras were in every household. Today, with the technology that is available and the services offered through places like Walgreens and the Kodak Gallery, it has never been easier to share your favorite photos with family and friends. Below are a few suggestions of how you can creatively send your favorite photos.

1. Print out Your Digital Shots

With everything digital these days, it is refreshing to receive a printed photo. Gather up some of your favorite shots and have them printed off either at home or through a photo printing center at your local drugstore.

2. Send a Photo Greeting Card

When the holidays come around, there is no better way to send a greeting than through a photo greeting card. Photo greetings are great for any occasion and are loved by those who receive them. Instead of an ordinary birthday invitation, put the birthday boy's picture on the invitation and give the invitee something to cherish.

3. Send a Personalized Photo Calendar

If you have several pictures you want to send and want to do something creative, create a personalized calendar to display the photos you have chosen. The one you give this to will be able to enjoy the gift all year with a new photo each month to show off.

4. Share Your Photos on Facebook

Social networks like Facebook are taking over and many of us rely on them for getting updates on our family and friends, keeping in touch with loved ones that are far away, and of course sharing pictures. Place your favorite photo on the wall of a family member's facebook page and you can share the photo with not only them, but everyone on their friends list.

5. Create an Online Photo Album

Many online sites allow you to create a photo album that can be shared with friends and family. You can upload your photos and place them into categories for easy sorting and choose the ones you want to be available for public view. You can give your family members access to your account and they can view, share and download the photos of their choice. This is a great way to preserve photos and ensure they are not lost, damaged or destroyed if you have a computer crash.

6. Send Photos to Cell Phones

The majority of cell phones are capable of taking and receiving photos, so why not send your photos to the cell phones of your family members and friends. Having photos on your cell phones is like carrying around a photo album wherever you go. You can share your favorite photos with everyone you come in contact with; this is a great idea for grandparents who want to show off their precious grandchildren.