You might not have a lot of events to wear party dresses to. Day dresses can work for the office or just running errands. You can get a day dress that you can wear for more formal events. Dress down a basic evening ensemble to make it more suitable for casual events. Get interesting dress styles--such as the six below--at store like MetroStyle and Chadwick's.

1. Dress Suits

You can wear a jacket and dress to the office, especially if it's a set. Look for a simple sheath style underneath. Then you can wear the sheath dress for a night out. This will show your arms off for nighttime. It's a way to transition from a Friday at work to a Friday out. Just keep extra accessories in your purse to add bold earrings for your nighttime look. A daring color like red is more appropriate for the office if there are feminine details such as lace or a vintage style to the jacket.

2. Long Suits

Long suits can work for the day or evening. You'll want to get a flowing skirt. Then use boots for a western look when you go out and accessorize with chunky turquoise bracelets. You can pick a more casual polyester or faux suede material to make it work during the day. You may also want to try out a neutral camel color. The same silhouette in a satin or silk fabric would be formal enough for weddings, so the fabric makes all the difference.

3. Georgette and Chiffon Gowns

Georgette and chiffon are more formal fabrics. You can get a short skirt and a pale color such as pink for a summery look. This can have butterfly sleeves or be sleeveless. Since this is such a dramatic fabric, keep your jewelry to a minimum for daytime and wear wedges or sandals. The nighttime accessories should still be feminine with pearl earrings and open toed heels.

4. Sweater Dresses

The fit of the sweater dress is going to determine how appropriate it is for the office. Look for a thicker knit that goes below the knee. Then get an oversized leather briefcase and wear basic gold hoop earrings. For evening, use leggings and boots to give the dress more of the appearance of a long tunic.

5. Boat Neck Necklines

A boat neckline stays very close to the collar bone and is simple. The coverage makes it work appropriate. You can get a comfortable or easy to care for fabric such as a knit. The top can have subtle pleating or a wrap details. Style your hair carefully with an updo for evening to transition the dress into a night time look.

6. Convertible and Multi-Way Dresses

A convertible dress changes necklines. You can go with sleeves or without. Off the shoulder styles are another option. This usually features a polyester or spandex blend. You can change the dress depending on the coverage you need for certain events. A basic black is a staple in eveningwear. Try a tweed jacket over this during the day to add in a coordinating pattern.