Google Shortcuts

Google is obviously much more than a search engine these days and they currently own three of the top ten sites online namely, and (Stats:Alexa.Com).

But search is were it all began and while 'Google inc' have been looking to branch out into every aspect of the Internet with huge takeovers and launches 'Google Search' have been adding advanced options and results for users.

The following five features offered directly from the Google search bar are not only unknown by the majority of Internet users but also very useful and time saving.Simply adding keywords to define your search can return exact results.And that's a great place to start, using Google search to Define words and phrases.

6 Google Search Exact Result Features

1. Google Definitions - Want to find the exact definition of a word quickly, just type define followed by the word into Google search.

Example : define:google - Will present a list of definitions for Google

2. Google Phone Book - If you need to find a phone number before you go looking for the yellow pages you can find numbers directly from google search.

Example : phonebook:John Doe - Will return numbers for John Doe

For More Accurate Results you can include country's, towns and city's and zip codes.

3. Google Stock Quotes - You can access stock quotes for all companies directly from Google search.

Example : Enter The Google Trading Name goog and click 'I'm feeling lucky'

4. Google Calculator - You can use the google search bar as a calculator

Example : Enter 250+250 in the search bar and you will return the result 500.

5. Airline information - Enter the airline and flight number in the google search bar to track a flight.

Example - united 42 will return tracking options for that flight.

6. Links To Your Site - An extra feature for webmasters and bloggers is checking what sites have links back to your site.To do this enter the word 'link' followed by your sites URL.

Example - will return a list of all the links to info barrel on the Internet.

Google offer many more search shortcuts but this list will get you started and show you some of the information that's only a click away.

How many did you know ?