Thanks to solar-powered energy, more manufacturers are coming up with clever ways to use this eco-friendly technology. Check out the six gadgets below that use solar-powered energy in a fun and useful way.

  1. Solar-powered water fountain. A solar fountain recycles water by using solar power. It features a low-voltage pump that is powered by a remote solar panel that collects sunlight when placed in direct sunlight. With this technology, you can put a fountain anywhere in your backyard without having to be near an outlet.
  2. Solar-powered outdoor shower. This fun-to-have solar shower is a great addition to a backyard with a pool to rinse off chlorine after a swim. It is specially designed to collect the sun’s rays to warm the water that sprays from the swivel showerhead. It stands 9 feet high and connects to a standard garden hose. It can be used as a stand-feature or mounted to a wall.
  3. Solar-powered back pack. If you are far away from powering up your computer or cell phone, such as on a hiking or biking excursion, a solar-powered back pack can be very handy. Most come with a lithium polymer battery built in a detachable solar panel that is placed in the backpack. The battery comes with a USB output so you can plug whatever cord came with your device you need to charge and then just wait for it to recharge.
  4. Portable solar panels. The panels are available in mats and they are thin as a blanket or even notebook paper and are especially useful on camping trips. You can roll them up and place them in a tube or fold them to put in a carry-on bag. There is a bit of rigidity to them so you can bend the panel to adjust to the direction of the sun’s rays. You can put them on top of your car or RV roof or on the ground to collect energy to use at a later time.
  5. Solar light Sun jar. This is a handy gadget to bring on your next hiking trip or even to take along when you are at the beach or wherever you need some night light but aren’t near an outlet. You can set it on a windowsill during the day or somewhere outside in direct sunlight to collect light. After time, the battery charges itself and the Sun Jar gives off a pleasingly muted yellow-orange light. The jar has a frosted surface that allows it to diffuse glare-free lighting.
  6. Solar Rechargeable Transformers. This is a fun toy for kids to be creative and use their imagination. This innovative solar science kit comes with simple snap plastic parts including solar panel and accessories with no screws or tools. It has easy-to-assemble projects that are comprised of seven different modules that include two power stations and five different vehicles-a solar car, concept car, bulldozer, dump truck and concept race car. The battery charging station can bring the unit to full power in about 5 seconds and fully charged within 120 seconds. The vehicles run for approximately 50-80 seconds at a time. The Solar Rechargeable Transformers give children the ability to experience energy that is recharged and stored in a power source and then used in their toy vehicles.