Most of us use google everyday for all of our searching needs. It's fast, reliable, and uncluttered. But did you know there's other things you can do with the search engine, besides searching up the latest celebrity gossip or cute kittens?

1. Quickly Convert Currency and Units

If you've ever needed a quick conversion while doing some science homework, or trying to figure out how much that 105 Euro item is on ebay, then you can go into google and simple type your query.

You should structure your question like so:
73 pounds in kilograms
105 USD in Euro

2. Use as a powerful Calculator

Don't have a calculator on you, or do you need to do advanced mathematical operations where the windows calculator just wont cut it? Well, you can use google for a wide variety of calculations.

Some types of calculations you can do
2* (pi) * 7^2
third root of 256
(gravitational constant)* ((6kg x 8kg)/(120m^2))

3. Aces wild

You can type an asterisk * to denote a wild card. That means google will place any word in place of the asterisk and give you the most popular results. This is useful if you're trying to match a theme.

Retro Styled *

4. Sort by faces

You can now sort the results when you are searching by images. If you are looking for a specific person, you can get rid of all the other junk that doesn't apply. Click show options and hit faces only.

5. Use google as a proxy

You can use google as a proxy to view a page that may have been blocked, or is down. In the results page, click on cached, to see google's cached version of that site.

6. The - Operator

If you're finding too much junk is cluttering your search, you can get rid of the chaff from the wheat by using the minus sign "-".

For instance, if you were looking for the meaning of halos in Christianity, you're going to get flooded by the results for Halo, the video game. To remove the results you don't want, you would type:

halo -video game -halo 3

to get rid of all the video game related results.